Report: Ryan Tannehill has small labral tear in shoulder

This would explain pain he is experiencing in addition to strength loss

Our friends at @ThreeYardsPerCarry of Five Reasons Sports Network have another update -- their sixth -- on the Ryan Tannehill situation.

They previously reported, prior to Dolphins' confirmations, that would Tannehill would miss the Bears, Lions, Texans, Jets and Packers games. You can find all those reports on this site.

Now Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) is reporting from a source (who has been correct about the rest of this process) that in addition to the capsule injury that the Dolphins have disclosed, Tannehill is suffering from a small labral tear. This is a painful injury and explains why Tannehill, as he acknowledged Wednesday, is still experiencing discomfort. Kouffman also spoke to a specialist who, while not treating Tannehill directly, watched Tannehill's press conference and immediately identified the labrum as the likely source of the problem that Tannehill was describing.

Naturally, this puts the Colts game, after the bye, in serious doubt as well. Kouffman has speculated, based on his information, that Tannehill won't play again for the Dolphins -- though that is not technically a sourced report, since no source with intimate knowledge has said that directly.

Kouffman also spoke on the podcast about Tannehill's preferences for more non-conventional methods of treatment, which played out in how and the Dolphins handled his 2016 knee injury.

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