Parker resembles the low risk players Miami will look for in Free Agency

The Dolphins are looking for players looking to prove they are worth big contracts and DeVante Parker fits the bill.

The plan for the Dolphins is simple this offseason. Build short-term with a long-term focus and an importance on preaching patience.

To nobody’s surprise, the Dolphins remained quiet on the first of three days full of “Legal” tampering before free agency began.

The idea was that Miami would stay quiet early in free agency before doing some bargain-bin shopping once the hype surrounding the “best” free agents started to settle. It made sense to try to find some diamonds in the rough with low risk high reward contracts and they did just that on the second day of free agency.

The Dolphins re-signed DeVante Parker to a two-year $13 million contract. With the signing the Dolphins retain just two players drafted in 2015 (Parker along with Bobby McCann), but the move seems like a no-brainer for the Dolphins.

While Parker has only one touchdown over the two seasons, no one is denying how talent Parker is. If you are, here are some of the flashes he’s shown throughout his time in Miami:

Shout out to Eric for letting me use his clips.

Parker has now survived two coaching changes in Miami, but is the model for the type of player Brian Flores and Chris Grier want. Parker’s four years may have left a sour taste, but keep in mind he was in Adam Gase’s dog house and Brian Flores has just gotten an outside look at the 2015 first-round pick.

Not only does Parker fit the diamond in the rough mold, but the Dolphins are in dire need of receivers. With players like Golden Tate and Tyrell Williams front-lining the free agent class of wide receivers, the Dolphins would struggle to find Parker-esc players looking for prove-it deals.

Parker may not ever turn into the A.J. Green type we all wanted when he was drafted out of Louisiana, but the Dolphins aren’t trying to spend money. They need to still fill about 15 roster spots and if they could spend seven years waiting on Ryan Tannehill, getting Parker back on a short and cheap deal can only help the Dolphins in the long term.