Harris, Gesicki disappointing so far

Miami has hit on some high picks (Howard, Fitzpatrick) but not these two so far

It's been asking a lot, over the past three decades, for the Dolphins to get either of their top two picks right.

It's clearly been too high an expectation for them to hit on both.

In fact, other than 2016 (Laremy Tunsil/Xavien Howard), and maybe 2014 (Ju"Wuan James/Jarvis Landry), you'd need to go back to 1993 (OJ McDuffie/Terry Kirby), 1991 (Troy Vincent/Marco Coleman) and 1990 (Richmond Webb/Keith Sims) to find a year in which the Dolphins really nailed their top two.

So, yes, the Dolphins did very well to take Minkah Fitzpatrick first this year -- but not so well so far to take Mike Gesicki second. And the 2017 draft is even more troubling -- neither Charles Harris or Raekwon McMillan has stood out in a positive way this season.

McMillan continues to struggle in coverage, while making few plays of note.

How bad is it for Gesicki and Harris in particular?

This bad:

And look who the Dolphins could have had:

Where does Gesicki rank in his class?

Not high enough: