Week 13: What the Dolphins need today

A win, of course, but much more.....

For a while, this looked like the one gimme on the schedule.

But after scoring just 24 points over a three week period, the Buffalo Bills have scored 65 over the past two games, 13 more than the Dolphins (5-6) over any two-game stretch of the season.

So it shouldn't be taken lightly, especially after last Sunday's emotional disappointment in Indianapolis.

Simply, the Dolphins have no chance for a surprising playoff run without beating the Bills.

And they'll need more.

Here's what to root for, in order of importance:

1. FALCONS over the Ravens (6-5): Baltimore is doing that thing it typically does in the Ozzie Newsome/John Harbaugh era, improving just enough as the season progresses to steal a spot. Atlanta is probably out of it in the NFC, without a running game and a consistent defense, but Matt Ryan is still a problem at home.

Chance of happening: 50 percent.

2. JAGUARS over the Colts (6-5): Andrew Luck is rolling and the Jags are reeling. This doesn't look great, and the Dolphins are now a tiebreaker down to Indianapolis.

Chance of happening: 25 percent.

3. BENGALS (5-6) over the Broncos (5-6): Yes, both are tied with the Dolphins. And Miami has already lost to Cincinnati. But with a healthy starting quarterback and a softer schedule, the Broncos are more of a threat at the moment to finish 9-7.

Chance of happening: 35 percent.

4. JETS over the Titans (5-6): I know you hate this one. And Miami did beat Tennessee. But it would be good to get one team out of the picture.

Chance of happening: 30 percent.