THE REWIND: Cowboys differences easy to see

Inches plays going Dallas's way, Dak and Zeke finding their rhythm.

The Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night, running Dallas's winning streak to four straight.

In 20 days, Dallas has gone from 3-5 and chasing Washington in the NFC East, to 7-5 and leading the division. There are three tangible reasons for the change.

  1. Inches plays -- Dallas has replaced plays like Brett Maher's game-tying field goal attempt banging off the upright in Washington with plays like Jourdan Lewis scooping the ball just before it hits the turf for an interception that allowed the Cowboys to kneel on a win over the Saints.

  2. Dak's comfort level -- Dak Prescott has a WR1 he can look to for big plays and a security blanket in Amari Cooper. Dallas gave up its first-round draft pick next spring to get the former Raider, but it's looking like it's worth it.

  3. Zeke's production -- Ezekiel Elliott didn't manage 100 rushing yards last night, but he did have more than 130 combined rushing and receiving yards. That's the fourth-straight game he's done that and it's not a coincidence that Dallas won all four.