QUOTABLE COWBOYS: The Saints come marching in

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli talks with defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford (98) in the second half against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas players and coaches have been talking all week about how to stop New Orleans' winning streak.

As usual, the Cowboys' star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence summed up the magnitude of the game as Dallas prepares to host the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football.

Here's what Lawrence and a few other Cowboys had to say about it.

DE DeMarcus Lawrence on playing the red-hot Saints:

“It’ll be a huge task. It’ll be on national TV, everybody watching. I feel like when it’s a hype situation, we’ve got to live up to the hype.”

“It’s really about, not Drew (Brees) being the best quarterback in the league, it’s all about us putting pressure on him and making him feel uncomfortable.”

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli on Saints’ QB Drew Brees:

“He puts that ball right on the button for them and they do a great job cutting back into the grain. So he challenges all of your tackling. We’ve got to be up there with our speed and our fundamentals.”

Marinelli on the difficulty of bringing down Saints’ ball carriers:

“That’s a challenge: tackling in space. These guys in space, boy, I mean, they cut back. They’re a terrific screen team. They do a great job on screens and their linemen run. They’re athletic linemen so they get down field.”

Dak Prescott on the idea of playing ball control offense in order to keep the Saints’ offense off the field:

“It’s not that we’ve got to go in there and do this to stop their offense. We’ve just got to simply play our game.

Ezekiel Elliott on dueling with the Saints’ offense:

I don’t think you have to play perfect. It’s almost impossible to play a perfect football game, so I don’t think it’s going to take perfection. I think it’s going to take for us to play physical, play our style of football.