QUOTABLE COWBOYS: Players talk about good vibes, focus heading to Indy

Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper (19) scores an overtime touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium.Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Amari Cooper said Dak Prescott throws his kind of deep ball.

The Cowboys are on a roll, which they will try to continue as they travel to play the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The hot streak has a lot of Dallas players doing interviews with wide smiles even as they talk about maintaining a back-against-the-wall edge to the game.

Here are some quality lines from some of those interviews.

WR Amari Cooper

On what he likes about QB Dak Prescott:

First of all, I like the deep ball he throws, how he throws it. He puts it out there and let’s you run up under it. That’s something I think I’m kind of good at. I just like his delivery, the way he approaches the game. It’s the same way that I want my quarterback to approach the game.

CB Byron Jones

On the five game winning streak:

That’s everything, especially at this time of the year. You want to keep it rolling. A lot of teams that go to the playoffs, they do well in December. It doesn’t matter if they clinch it early or clinch it late, they do well in December.

On Sean Lee’s return to practice:

Oh, man, to see Sean Lee out there fires me up. To hear him calling the huddle after he’s been out for a while, it’s cool to see because he’s a guy that loves football.

RB Ezekiel Elliott

About keeping the same focus from the last five games:

On the forefront of our mind, we want to attack this week with the same mentality: back against the wall. We’ve got to go out there and continue to build on what we’ve built this season and just continue to get better.

Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli

On the Colts offense:

We know they’ve got great skill and they know how to use it.

On the possibility of having linebacker Sean Lee back on the field this week:

We’ve got to wait and see how it all works out. But just like we had it earlier in the year, you have a chance to rotate some guys and some of those things. It’s a good thing to have. It keeps everybody a little bit fresher and sharper, especially as the season goes on.