COWBOY QUOTES: Dak's not happy; Scott Linehan takes blame for struggling offense

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) dives for a pass in the fourth quarter against Tennessee Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard (59) at AT&T Stadium.Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylon Smith said Cowboys are looking forward to rivalry game in Philadelphia

Dak Prescott

“Yeah, we’re pissed and I’d have been even more pissed if I came in an guys weren’t. So that’s the competitive nature of this locker room and the players we have. We came in wearing our feelings, nobody wants to come in 3-5.

“We still control what’s in front of us. Being in our feelings having a bad attitude or whatever it is doesn’t get us anywhere. We’ve got to stay positive, like I said. Lock arms and just be together. And I know if we do that it will serve us well.”

Jaylon Smith

“I heard Zeke mentioning this is a must-win game. It is. I would agree with him. Being a division rival game, going up there to Philly, is something we’re looking forward to.”

On facing former Cowboy WR Dez Bryant, now with the Saints, on Nov. 29:

“I can’t wait to play against him, honestly, I can’t wait to hit him. Smack. … Our interaction, I just told him I was happy for him, I loved him. Definitely trading jerseys after the game. I had to call dibs before anyone else did.”

Rod Marinelli

On Eagles acquiring WR Golden Tate:

“He’s great after the catch. He’s really something special so I’m sure they got room for him.”

On the Cowboys allowing the Titans to convert 11 of 14 third downs:

The quarterback threw some really good passes. I’ve got to give him credit. That Cover 2 pass down the middle, we had guys steaming toward that. He made a terrific catch and throw. … I just think the quarterback made some nice plays and he executed well. As coaches and players, we didn’t execute as well in that area.

Jason Garrett

"Right now, Scott Linehan is going to call the plays on offense.’'

Scott Linehan

On the offense underperforming:

"Everything we're about is ownership and accountability this week. I fully own that we haven't been good enough offensively. It starts with me.’’

EDITOR'S NOTE: This tweet also jumped out at me this morning: