Kansas City Chiefs at the Cleveland Browns - Game Day Predictions

The Chiefs head to Cleveland to take on a struggling Browns team on Sunday.

The Chiefs head to Cleveland to take on a listless Browns team. The team can’t take the game lightly as Cleveland will have a new look with the new interim head coach. Kansas City should run away with this game but it could end up closer than it should.

Each week we will ask several analysts from around Kansas City and the NFL to see how they think the Chiefs game will end up on Sunday.

Ryan Tracy – 7-1 - The Chiefs can roll into Cleveland and dismantle a team in transition. They'll have to watch out for over aggressive tendencies from the Browns, but should score often and consistently. Chiefs 35, Browns 21

Mark Schofield – 8-0 - Cannot imagine the Browns putting together a decent outing after the week they've had, or at least a decent enough outing to pull off the upset. Chiefs 34, Browns 24

Carrington Harrison – 7-1 - I think Cleveland is way more scrappy than people are giving them credit. 1st in sacks, 1st in TOs. They’ve played 4 teams to OT. I think they put up a Broncos MNF type fight that ultimately isn’t enough at the end. Chiefs 27, Browns 24

Seth Keysor – 7-1 - This game spooks me a bit with the interim coach magic that's possible, but at the end of the day I think Reid's group is too well-coached for that to hurt them too much. I think Gregg Williams goes with the "try to run to win" strategy, and it won't be enough to make it happen against the Chiefs**. Chiefs 34**, Browns 20

Matt Derrick – 5-3 - This game isn’t a classic trap game, but it is a complete mismatch. The Bad News Browns shouldn’t be able to compete with the 7-1 Chiefs, however the Browns have played plenty of teams tough this year. In the range of outcomes, there is an outlier where the Chiefs come in overconfident and the Browns play over their heads as they rally around the interim coach. But I don’t think Andy Reid lets that happen. The Chiefs have a slew of former Browns and Ohio natives who want to go back home and make a point. Chiefs 38, Browns 12

Reagan Creswell – 7–1 - Dee Ford has 2 sacks and a fumble. Mahomes gets another game over 300 with 3 TDs, and Hunt runs in 2. Chiefs 35, Browns 17

Mike Renner – 5-3 – It’s the Browns. Chiefs 33, Browns 10

Chris Clark – 7-1 – The Chiefs shouldn’t let this be much of a game against the Browns. They should take advantage of the opportunities to get some playing time for their younger players after getting ahead early. Chiefs 41, Browns 17