Rivers: 'This is a Big Game' to Win Before Bye Week

Chargers veteran QB addresses the media about adjusting to the time change, reminiscing about his first London NFL game.

On Wednesday's practice:

"It was good. Shoot, the weather has held out for us all week. It was good. Baldwin Wallace [University] has opened their place up to us. The weight room has been great and the field is in great shape. We got a good Wednesday in."

On difficulty maintaining routine in an unfamiliar place:

"To me, I think that's the challenge. We kind of talked about it as a group. Whatever you normally do, make sure you do it. There's going to be plenty more time to do more, but make sure you do it whether it be a rehab routine you have, something you do recovery or studying. Make sure you [do it]. Now, it's going to be a little different. Like you said, it's a little thrown out of the time routine, but make sure you get all of the same work in. I think the guys have been great. We know we're kind of in a groove right now. We want to make sure we don't do anything to stop that."

On speaking to his children back home:

"Yeah, I made sure of that today [and will] at some point this afternoon. The time change throws you off a little bit. We were in meetings and it was the middle of the night. I told somebody, instead of good morning, 'Happy middle of the night,' this morning at 5:30 eating breakfast when it's 2:30 [back home]. I don't change my watch, I don't know why. It drives my family crazy that I leave my watch the same. It's good. It is a long time away from family, but once it gets to Wednesday, you feel like it's almost a long work week. Those Wednesdays and Thursdays are long days anyway. You can kind of see the end of it and then you start to see the opponent. Obviously when you get closer to the game, you get excited to go over there. It's been 10 years [since we were there last]. Shoot, we're staying right next to the stadium and playing there with what will be a great crowd against a good team."

On his last game in London:

"It was a heck of a game. We got behind and then came roaring back. We had a chance at a jump ball in the end zone at the end. I do remember that. It was really wet if I remember. It was kind of wet. I don't know if it was the first year of the London games. It was close [to the start of them]. I think the whole NFL in London was still brand new, so I think [British fans] were new to the game itself. I imagine now after 23 games it's a little more common, obviously, with the games being over there every year. I just remember the 'Oohs,' and 'Ahhs,' every time the ball went in the air. It will be a heck of a crowd. There's a great NFL base over there. I just remember seeing so many jerseys of so many different teams. It was somewhat of a neutral crowd. I'm sure they'll pick a team. There will be plenty of Titans and Chargers fans, I'm sure."

On using the experience of the last London game to his advantage:

"It's just so different because we stayed here. We went right away after the Buffalo game, so we were there. Those first couple of days were rough getting used to the time change that Monday and Tuesday. This, we're kind of already settled into this time and then [Head] Coach [Anthony Lynn] kind of bumped up everything again so that we practiced today really at the exact same time that we're going to play. I think that'll do us well. I think the challenge is going to be Thursday night to Friday. That 24-hour span of flying all night, getting up, practicing and making that adjustment [will be tough just] making sure we're focusing on the game and not all that's going on around it."

On the Tennessee defense:

"It's a solid group. They've had a handful of [those] guys that they've had for some time now. It's a good front. Obviously, [Titans Head Coach Mike] Vrabel's time in Houston [he had] a heck of a front. Obviously, [he had] his time as a player in New England. [Titans Defensive Coordinator] Dean Pees comes from Baltimore, they've had [good] front sevens. The head coach and defensive coordinator, they've been around good fronts and they know how to play good defense. That's what you've seen. Teams haven't scored a lot on them. I think Miami got 27 [points] in that opener, but then it's been — Baltimore scored 21 last week, but it wasn't an easy 21 [points]. There has been a lot of low scoring outings. It will definitely be a heck of a challenge."

On how he feels about the trip to London:

"I think you appreciate it. Yeah, I think you definitely appreciate it. It's a long way to go. I imagine it's the last time that I make this trip over here. Who knows? Unless we get put back on the circuit really quickly. We haven't been in a decade. It is a neat experience. I think more than that, somebody mentioned to me today, that I've [only twice been] 5-2. We have a chance to get to 5-2. This is a big game. I think those things are good and fun to talk about — let that be a sidebar to the game, playing in London and all of those things — but we have to make sure that we do whatever we have to do to win the game and get to 5-2 at the bye. Like I told you guys before, if you would have told us that in August, I think we would have all taken it."

On P Donnie Jones:

"I think [he has had a calming presence]. Donnie and I were Senior Bowl teammates way back. I think he has. He has. He reminds me a lot of when [former P] Mike [Scifres] was here as the punter and the holder. He was the general of that group as a veteran. [Jones] is coming from a team that won the Super Bowl. I think he is [even-keeled]. The guys have kind of welcomed him in and had a good time with 'Donnie' chants and things like that. It's been good."

On when the team has been chanting ‘Donnie’:

“During practice. If he were to find himself on the highlight reel — because they’ll show everything from every phase. That’s something [the team] has always done. They used to do that to Mike [Scifres]. They’ve done it all the way through with those punters and holders. Donnie has kind of been caught off-guard by it a little bit.”

On Jones’ age and experience helping special teams:

“Yeah, he has me by a couple of years. We [came in] the same year, but he has me by a couple. It’s been good. I think your assessment of that is correct.”