Perryman on Preparing to Travel to London

Chargers LB Denzel Perryman talks with the media about preparing to travel to London for his first time.

On Wednesday’s practice:

“It was good today. It was a different environment and different weather, but we got some work done today. That's what it's all about.”

On any past experiences in London:

“I've never been to London. I've traveled outside of the country only one time, in high school, but it wasn't to London. I've seen some people on Twitter saying they can't wait to see us out there.”

On expectations of the NFL environment in London:

“I have no clue. No clue, but I'm interested to find out.”

On dealing with the extended travel conditions with playing a game in London:

“Well, if you get some sleep medicine — you should be alright. We were told that when we get there, we would want to sleep right away, but you have to stay up because as soon as we get there we will have meetings and head straight to practice. The idea is to get rest while we're here [in Cleveland]. We have an ideal sleep time, so when we get over [to London] we won't be tired.”

On the Tennessee offense:

“They have a lot of weapons. They're an explosive offense with a nice run game and a nice little [running back] duo back there. As far as the passing game goes, they have some good guys in the core. The offensive lineman are pretty good and of course at the quarterback position — you've got [Titans QB Marcus] Mariota. He can run, pass and a whole lot of stuff. Then when the backup [Titans QB Blaine Gabbert played], there wasn't a drop-off.”

On the similarities of training camp to practicing on the road:

“Yeah, it definitely feels like training camp, but we know we're on a business trip. I do get that ‘training camp’ feeling, but I just want to go back home to my kids. I miss my kids.”