Coach Lynn Press Confernce 8/20/18

Coach Lynn addresses the media after day 16 of training camp

Opening Statement:

Well, bad news. We lost Jaylen Watkins in the game. He tore his ACL. That young man he was going to help us this year. He was having a good camp. Thats why we wanted to look at him with the starters. Hes playing a lot on special teams. It was unfortunate for him, but next man up.

On if DB Jaylen Watkins injury puts more pressure on S Derwin James:

You know 33 [Derwin James], he already has a lot on his plate, so I dont think it's going to put any more on his plate. Hes doing fine right now. Hes catching up.

On James working the starters:

Yes. It was a progression just like we did in OTAs. At the end of OTAs, he was working with the starters. At the start of training camp the guys are gone four or five weeks and come back just working his way back into the starting lineup. Every day the kid just makes another play. Hes getting better and better. Were really confident that hes on the right track. I dont know if hes going to be that day one, but right now hes competing.

On S Micah Hannemann:

I havent even met him yet. Hes coming out of camp, so Im sure hes in good shape. Well get a good feel for him.

On if he saw anything different on tape from the game:

No. Its pretty much what I saw during the game. It was some good stuff. I thought the O-line played a little more physical this game. I called out [C Mike] Pouncey, but it wasnt just Pouncey. It was all five, so that was good to see. [RB] Melvin [Gordon III] ran well, and of course [WR] Mike [Williams]. Mike Williams just keeps on coming. It was good to see him.

On G Forrest Lamp practicing:

I want to evaluate him when I get back to my office, but it was big. It was good to see Forrest back out there playing football and not on the rehab field.

On the number of penalties against Seattle:

We emphasize it all the time. It got a little better not by much but improved some. One of those is me taking a delay of game at the end so I could get a longer field goal. Thats an area where, no matter whos on the field, we have to improve in that area.

On how much the starters will play against the Saints:

Were going to talk about it. Were going to practice against this team [Saints]. Normally you dont practice against a team in the third preseason game, but were going to practice with the Saints on Wednesday and Thursday. It depends on how much work we get done in those two practices against each other. [Saints Head Coach] Sean [Payton] and I will talk about it. Ill discuss it with my staff later in the week and well figure it out.

On the joint practice going well with the Saints last season:

Yes, it did. It was nice, clean, good hard work and no fighting. Those guys are well-coached. They have a great leader of there in Sean Payton. We hope to do it every year with the Saints. Its just a good coaching staff, and their players they get it.

On how joint practices are good for teams in the preseason:

It breaks up camp, No. 1 guys get tired of going against each other and just the tempo. It gets more game-like, so you want to work more game-like situations and get a better evaluation on your players.

On if there were any issues with QB Philip Rivers commuting form San Diego last season:

I didnt think there were any issues at all. His mobile office its unbelievable. I know hes studying tape and hes spending enough time with his teammates, so it wasnt an issue.

On DE Joey Bosa and CB Trevor Williams sitting out the preseason:

Id like to see those guys out there working like the rest of their teammates, but unfortunately theyre hurt and they cant. Joey may work some tomorrow and Trevor may get some reps later in the week.

On TE Virgil Green:

When we signed Virgil, we knew that he could be our No. 1 guy. Hes a really good combo tight end in the passing game and the run game.

On Green having a reputation as a blocker:

I think any tight end that can block in the National Football League can get a reputation as a blocker just because they can block, but he can also catch. Youll see.

On how DT Corey Liuget is handling training camp despite his suspension:

Outstanding. Corey has handled that outstanding. He practices as hard as anybody on that field and he plays as hard on game days as anybody on that field. He doesnt pout because hes not running with the ones. Hes really been a professional about this.

On if hell be a starter after his suspension is over:

That way looks right now absolutely. Hell, we cant block him in practice.

On possibly signing TE Antonio Gates:

I know were talking, but Im really focused on the guys that are here. Id loved to have him, but I dont know where theyre at with that right now.