Chargers QB Philip Rivers After Practice with Saints

Philip Rivers addresses the media after the team's joint practice with the Saints.

On the quarterback competition with Saints QB Drew Brees:

"It's always fun. Shoot, the practices against another team is fun. We did the Rams last year and the Saints last year. Now, the Saints again this year. It's good work. Obviously, it raises the energy a little bit and, shoot, that's a good team with a lot of good players. To me, you still have two more preseason games without being completely live, which can be really valuable to learn from off the tape, improve and get better. Shoot, there was plenty of that today that we can watch the tape and improve on."

On his relationship with Brees:

"I think it's just unique because of how the whole thing played out. Obviously, being [brought in] here to be the guy and then, shoot, Drew deserves credit for the way that he bounced back. I felt early on as a rookie, 'Shoot, this guy is pretty dang good.' I just remember going, 'I don't believe that 4-12 was all on him,' the previous year. Then, he got hot and, shoot, has been hot for another 15 years. [That's] a credit to him, obviously. In those first two years, I enjoyed working with him and competing, then it worked out. It worked out well for him. Shoot, he has had one heck of a run in New Orleans and won a championship. I've been able to have some longevity here with the Chargers. It is unique. Drew and I have always kept in touch. I have always pulled for him from afar."

On seeing Brees outside of the NFL:

"Yeah, one year we set up a little inter-squad game with his son's flag [football] team and ours just at a park in Forest Ranch. That was pretty cool that was pretty awesome. We keep in touch. It's not much more than that. Shoot, we both have big families. He goes back-and-forth from New Orleans. We go back to the South quite a bit during our downtime, but we have always kept in touch and I know I can speak from my standpoint I have had a great respect for him as a man and as a player for what he has been able to do in this league. Shoot, he's probably going to go down as the all-time leading passer in the history of the game. That's pretty awesome."

On the timing of joint practices in training camp:

"Well, it's not [earlier in camp this year]. That's what I tell him [WR Keenan Allen], well it's not. It's here and we have it, so we roll with it."

On the quarterback competition:

"We [the Chargers quarterbacks] had a bad day today. We had a bad day. I didn't touch one target, to be honest with you. They're off to a good start, so they won today and they have a little lead on us in the overall, but there is always tomorrow."

On who won the competition last year:

"We did. We won the overall last year. I think we split days and I can't remember how it went down. We had a couple of different side games going with the overall point total and individual scores as well."

On what the prize is for the quarterback competition:

"I'm not sure. They had those YETI coolers over there today and the Ramblers. That was the prize today, so they took those home. I guess we have some homework to do because we're responsible for the game tomorrow. They set the bar pretty high."

On the offensive line:

"I thought last year it was pretty stable and we had a heck of a year with the guys up front, but yeah I feel good about the guys up front [this year]. The key to me is that six, seven, eight or nine or however it plays out that you get to this point and you feel pretty good where you are with that depth of who goes where if something goes awry. We'll see how it all plays out, but I feel good about the guys up front."

On G Forrest Lamp:

"He hasn't played a lot. He's still a rookie [by experience]. He needs reps, reps, reps. I'm just excited to see him back out on the field and let him keep getting better every day."

On S Derwin James, LB Uchenna Nwosu and LB Kyzir White:

"They all seem to have great instincts. I can't speak to their performance like [Defensive Coordinator] Gus [Bradley] can or [Head] Coach [Anthony] Lynn, but they all have great instincts. You can tell that, and they really can accelerate and attack the football. With [Nwosu], [White] and [James], you see those guys flash quite a bit in practice and in the games. That's exciting to see."

On Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Allison Miner:

"Shoot, she's a pro. Any interaction I have had with her and I know that the guys have had thankfully I don't spend much time in the training room, I hope I can keep it that way. She's a pro. She's really good at what she does. She takes great pride in what she does. Female or not, she is doing her job. I think she takes great pride in that. Shoot, she does great for us."

On WR Mike Williams:

"I think I said, probably when we kicked off training camp, 'For Mike, it is going to be day-in and day-out. How consistent can he be? We've seen the flashes and the big plays, but can he do it every day?' He's pretty much shown us that. He's out here every day and you just see him working and pushing through. I'm sure he's tired and sore like all of those guys are. He's working through that and every day you see him make a play. It's exciting. It does a lot [for our chemistry]. It's just like, for instance, the play to [TE] Virgil [Green] today. It wasn't an unbelievable play, but Virgil and I hadn't made that play [before]. You know what I mean? To me, it was a huge deal because now I know, shoot, when we get in the game and that happens, I have the confidence to throw it. Those kind of plays, when you're with guys that you haven't been with a lot or had a lot of reps with, that are a big deal to me. The interception in two-minute [situation], is that a big deal when it counts? Yeah, it is a really big deal, but that's Keenan [Allen] and I a little bit not on the same page. It doesn't make me lose sleep. Virgil and I communicating and making that play makes me get really fired up. It's all of those little things that you gain from days like that today."

On how much he expects to play on Saturday:

"I have no idea. It's Wednesday. We'll know later in the week."

On how joint practices raises the competition:

"I think it's good for all of the guys, but just speaking from a quarterback standpoint, I have a red jersey on, but I get every look live, different coverages. Today, the Saints played a few things that we hadn't seen one snap of all training camp, but it's what they play. We've seen them play it [before], so that was good. It was good to have some of those route concepts and those things so you're not just going against the team that you know so well. For me, shoot, I'm in a red jersey and I get 40 snaps today. It's the best of both worlds. I get all work and then I know they're not going to tee off if they were to get back there."

On if any advice from Brees sticks with him from when they were teammates:

"No, again, we were competing. Drew, at that time, what, he was the [2001] draft? It was just his fourth year, so he was still young and on his ascension. I don't remember anything that he said, I just remember the way that he went about his work. He was unbelievable with his preparation. He was very [consistent]. Week-to-week, it didn't matter. If we won, if we lost, if he threw the game-winner or if he threw the pick to lose the game, he was the same guy all week long. That was good for me to see another guy do it because it's a long season. You're going to have a turnover. You're going to make some bad plays. You're going to win some big-time games coming from behind. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you have to be the same no matter what. He didn't tell me that, but I saw that every day those two years."

On C Mike Pouncey:

"It's very important [to have a good relationship]. There is a great deal of communication with the center and all of the offensive line. It's been great from day one. His football intelligence and just his pure instincts and presence in the huddle have been great. He definitely brings a good energy and good play with him."