Coach Lynn: "You have to keep the focus and eliminate the distractions."

Chargers Coach Lynn addresses the media after day 15 of training camp

On RB Justin Jackson:

Hes been hurt. Hes kind of working his way back in this week, but hes still on a limited rep count right now. Hopefully he can play this week, but were still not sure yet.

On what hes looking for from the young players against Seattle:

Just for those guys to keep growing to keep developing and learning our system, to go out, execute and have some fun. I thought the second defense did [that] last week. Im looking for more production from the second offensive line this week. Thats about it.

On if theyre some starters that will sit out:

We have some guys that are banged up. [DE] Joey [Bosa] is one of those guys. He hasnt practiced all week, so we wont let him go this week.

On if G Forrest Lamp will play:

Forrest will maybe get in. Hes doing some individual [drills] now. Maybe next week. Not sure yet.

On his perspective of playing guys during the preseason:

I think its a lot more conservative now. Especially after the salary cap kicked in and parity came into the National Football League, you dont have the dynasties you used to have you dont have the depth. I think some guys are more conservative, yes.

On how much QB Philip Rivers will play against Seattle:

Were going to talk tonight about it as a staff. Hes going to play this week. Just not sure how much yet.

On what he hopes to see from Rivers:

Just what I always see lead the offense down the field and score like he did on every first drive last year. Thats what Id like to see.

On if CB Trevor Williams will be back next week:

Hopefully. He started running a little bit yesterday. Well see where he is.

On WR Mike Williams:

Mike is doing a heck of a job taking advantage of those reps. [CB Craig] Mager is as well.

On making the preseason shorter:

If you shorten it, you dont get to evaluate certain players. You have Hall of Famers right now that would have never been in this league if you shortened the preseason, so this argument goes both ways.

On what hes looking forward to being back at StubHub Center:

Just being home. I like the way we finished in the StubHub Center last year and winning the last five games. Its started to feel like a home-field advantage for us. Just looking to go back home and play ball.

On Seattle LB Shaquem Griffin:

We dont really study teams in the preseason like we do in the regular season. Just from watching him in college, hes a heck of a football player, so Im sure hes doing well for Seattle. I look forward to seeing him play this weekend. I think what hes doing is amazing.

On how the guys feel at this point in camp:

They feel really tired. I told them yesterday, Right now if youre not careful, this is where some guys get better and some guys get worse. You have to keep the focus and eliminate the distractions. I told them you have to put your goals in front of you, put them on your TV, put them on your laptop, iPhone whatever. Do whatever you have to do to keep pushing. This is when we have to get better.

On if LB Kyzir White will play against Seattle:

Not sure. Well see where hes at. Well see where hes at right before the game.