Melvin Ingram: James 'Is One of the Best Rookies I've Seen'

Chargers veteran defensive end Melvin Ingram addresses the media about playing against Marshawn Lynch

On what he has seen on tape from the Raiders:

“[They’re a high-powered offense. A good offense.”

On Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch:

“He'll just try to run through your face over and over again. You've got to try running through his face over and over again.”

On if he knows Lynch:


On what Lynch is like:

“He's a great guy, great guy, man. We had a couple conversations and he just he's a great person who loves the game of football, and he plays it that way.”

On Lynch joining the Raiders:

“That's where he's from. I was happy to see him. When you get a chance to play against a caliber player like that, man, it's a blessing.”

On Raiders QB Derek Carr:

“He's a great quarterback and it’s showing. They're completing a high percentage of their balls. The offense is rolling. It just shows what type of player and type of leader he is.”

On S Derwin James:

“Yeah, great player, man. One of the best rookies I've ever seen. Really just coming in and making an impact from day one, really. We never gave him the spot. He earned it and he showed why he deserves to be there.”

On being 2-2:

“We're trying to go out there and stack a couple wins in a row, really. We've got one last week, a tough win. We're trying to just stack them up.”

On how the grit shown in last week’s win can provide momentum:

“Every game's going to be like that in this league. It’s the NFL. So isn’t one team that's clearly the best team. Any given Sunday, you can lose, Any given Sunday, you can win. So it's hard in this league. We went out and got a gritty win last week and we're going to try to stack up another one.”

On the atmosphere at ROKiT Field at StubHub Center:

“You just know there are people. You don't know how many fans you have out there and how many fans they have out there. That isn’t going to affect how we play.”

On how loud the stadium is:

“It's just the stadium is loud. That's all you know.”