Lynn: 'We Will Have to Find a Way to Contain' Miller & Chubb"

Chargers HC Anthony Lynn addresses the media Wednesday


“I hope you guys had a good Christmas. We did. Today is back to business. Had a good practice. [T] Russell [Okung] was limited today in practice. [RB] Austin Ekeler was full. [WR] Keenan Allen, with the hip, was full. [TE] Sean Culkin, he was limited. Other than that, we’re as healthy as can be.”

On if T Russell Okung’s injury was his ankle:

“Yeah, his ankle.”

On being this healthy going into the final week of the regular season:

"I think it's a good thing. Anytime you can have minor injuries at this point in the season — we've been through some lumps and recovered. So hopefully, our guys are getting ready at the right time."

On what he would need to see from RB Austin Ekeler to be available on Sunday:

"We're going to put him out there. He's back full. He is out of the protocol. He looked good today in practice. It's just getting his timing back, catching the ball, running and things like that."

On if the team is jilted after the loss to Baltimore:

"I hope not. We've lost before and we've bounced back. So I'm looking to do the same thing. This team is pretty good at eliminating distractions, re-focusing and just hitting the reset button."

On the signing of LB Tyrone Holmes to the practice squad:

"Yeah, he's good. He had a good practice today. Had to slow him down at one point."

On issues surrounded Holmes' signing:

"I'm not sure what the story is behind that, but we got our guy. We targeted him and we got him, so we're good."

On the challenges with players in the Alliance of American Football: 

"It's tough because you're probably losing about 400 to 500 players that you used to have access to. A lot of those player's contracts say they can't come out [to the NFL]. They can always quit and walk away, but you're giving up your opportunity in that league. So it's right there, the pickings are a lot smaller than they used to be — that whole pool."

On if the recent play of Oakland gives him optimism to secure a division title:

"No, we can't control that one. Yeah, I would love to see the Raiders play their best game of the year and win, but we can't control that one. We have this Denver team that, since I've been here, we're 1-2 against. We are looking to get even there, so we have some improvements to do this week to get there, and that's what we're working on."

On rooting for the Raiders this week:

"Yeah, it is weird to be rooting for the Raiders, but that's the nature of this business."

On if the team has unfinished business with Denver:

"It was a while ago, so no one is frustrated about that game anymore. Of course, we've watched it again, and we know we had our opportunities, but all we can do is focus on this one now."

On what the team has improved on since the first game against Denver:

**"**Well, we've definitely gotten better in the penalty category. We're not where we want to be, but we've definitely gotten better."

 On Broncos OLB Von Miller:

"Yeah, he's one of the best defensive players in the game and [Broncos OLB Bradley] Chubb is not playing too bad either. So that combination right there, I do believe that's the strength of their defense, the pass rush. So we want to find a way to contain those two, for sure."

On Broncos RB Royce Freeman:

"[He gets] yards after contact. He's a good runner. You look at Royce and you look at [Broncos RB Devontae] Booker, they're averaging five yards-per-tote against us right now. Our hands are going to be full trying to stop those two. Denver, they've always been able to run the football. That's been one of their strengths, and it is this year."

On facing talented edge rushers:

"It seems like we face [those kinds of] guys every single week. Last week, there were times that they got the best of us — but there were some times when we could have gotten rid of the ball. It all ties in. The o-line, running backs or tight ends — it's never just one group's fault, but we have to do a better job protecting, period."

On if the team will watch the scoreboard of the Raiders-Chiefs game on Sunday:

"No, no. That's a distraction. Why do I care what the Raiders are doing while we're trying to beat the Broncos, you know what I'm saying?"