Lynn: "We've Put Ourselves in Position to Finish Strong"

Coach Anthony Lynn talks with the media about releasing Kicker Caleb Sturgis and CB Michael Davis' first start.

Opening Statement:

"Well, there's not much different than what I said last night, to be honest with you. It was another good road win. Guys found a way to pull out a close game in a hostile environment. The game really didn't have to be that close, but we — both coaches and players — found a way to get a win. It was good to see."

On releasing K Caleb Sturgis:

"It's always tough to move on from a player. I believe in all of these guys. We feel like we gave him a fair shot and we stayed with him as long as we could. It just came down to performances."

On K Michael Badgley:

"Yeah, we will bring Badgley up off of the practice squad."

On if the team will evaluate other kickers:

"We're not sure yet. I would like to give him the keys to the car and let him drive, but we have talked about maybe bringing in another kicker maybe to kick off and help in that area. It's something that we're just looking at. You hate to do something like that because you lose depth at other positions, but I think Mike is a young kicker that is going to improve in his kickoffs and the strength of his leg. Hopefully, this is a good start for his career."

On the kicker turnover in the past 18 months:

"At this position, [I probably haven't seen something like this before]. It is what it is. We have to solve this problem."

On if he has spoken with Badgley:

"No, not yet."

On P Donnie Jones:

"No, [the move at kicker doesn't affect Jones]. I thought our punter yesterday, Donnie, did an outstanding job. He's a veteran kicker. They had a three-time All-Pro back there returning the ball. I thought Donnie kept it out of his hands all day. I don't care if it was a knuckle ball or a ball kicked close to out of bounds, but he did a good job of keeping the ball out of that returner's hands. That's what we wanted him to do."

On the distance of Jones' punts:

"You don't want distance with a kick returner like the one we had yesterday. I don't want the ball in his hands. Donnie has that savvy to keep it out of his hands. He knows how to kick it close to the sidelines, he knows how to kick that knuckle-ball so that it'll hit and roll. That's what he did. I thought he did a good job with that."

On Jones' punts being part of the game plan:

"Oh, yes. When you get returners like [Seahawks WR Tyler] Lockett, he's a three-time All-Pro. You just try to keep it out of his hands. If you have to give up a few yards here, I would rather give them up on the kick than give them up on the coverage."

On DT Corey Liuget:

"Both of those guys [Liuget and DT Darius Philon] have played a lot. They've played equally, to be honest with you. Yesterday, we had to stop the run and I wanted to put a bigger guy in there. I thought Corey had an outstanding game. He's back. He had to work his way back in. He was out for four weeks, but Corey's back."

On the in-game adjustments made by the defensive coaches:

"We just changed some of the line stunts up front. We brought some different pressures. We waited to see the adjustments that we had to make. I wish that we could have made them a little sooner, but when we got there, those guys really executed the plays. I feel like moving forward after that first series, our rush defense was outstanding."

On the defensive coaching staff making the adjustments:

"We have good coaches and we have good players that go out and execute the plan as well."

On CB Michael Davis:

"He was solid. That call at the end of the game, some people wouldn't have called that. I thought Michael competed well. He's going to be a good, young corner in this league for a long time."

On what gave him the confidence to play Davis more:

"What you see every day in practice. He was getting better and better. [CB] Trevor [Williams] is still in the mix as well. He may be in there next week. I wanted to see Michael play and I thought he competed well."

On WR Mike Williams:

"It was really good [to see him get into the end zone]. That was a heck of a play. He's a play-maker. We try to get the ball in his hands as much as we can, but we only have one football. He took advantage of his opportunities."

On WR Tyrell Williams:

"He's become a complete receiver. His receiving skills, he's just taken them to another level. He's catching balls above his shoulder, he's high-pointing the balls. His route-running is better. I really like his development over the offseason. You saw him working on it. [Wide Receivers Coach] Phil [McGeoghan] did a good job with him, our receivers coach."

On Williams getting single coverage from defenses:

"When you have a No. 1 like [WR] Keenan Allen, Keenan can get the double-team and that's going to free guys up like Tyrell. If he keeps making the plays that he's making, people are going to start double-teaming him."

On the blocking of non-offensive linemen:

"Those guys in the locker room, they don't have to be in the limelight — they know the job that they do. [WR] Geremy Davis did a good job yesterday. He had one of his better games. [TE] Sean Culkin has been a good blocking tight end for us. He doesn't catch a lot of balls, but he does a lot of dirty work. You look at the rushing yards and the running game, it's because of guys like that blocking on the perimeter."

On keeping the team from overlooking upcoming opponents:

"This group, they have an understanding that we start over every week. What we did last week really doesn't matter. We're re-focused, we're going to re-group and come back Wednesday. We'll go back to work like we haven't done anything. That's what I like about this group, their ability to forget, stay present and move forward."

On if he emphasizes staying focused on the upcoming opponent after each game:

"Absolutely. This is the beginning of the third quarter of our season. We've put ourselves in position to finish strong and maybe make the tournament at the end of the season, but we have to finish. We have to finish."

On sealing the past two games with defensive stands:

"I think they know [how much confidence it provides]. [Defensive Coordinator] Gus Bradley says we protect every inch and then they protect every inch. They've been in that situation a couple of times and it's good to see them step up and execute. We put them in those situations in practice. They feel like, when they get into the games, that they've been there before. It's just the focus and the concentration that they have in those drills in practice that carries over to the games. We don't want too many games coming down to the last play. We would like to close some of these out earlier."

On LB Uchenna Nwosu playing more:

"We wanted to get him more involved. With [DE] Chris Landrum down, it gave Uchenna more opportunities to step up and play. I thought he had a solid game yesterday."

On T Joe Barksdale:

"Joe worked in. I think he played three or four series. He was solid."

On the defensive approach in situations like the final stand:

"You know, [Seahawks Offensive Coordinator] Brian Schottenheimer had a third-and-six earlier in the game and he ran the ball. He's an unorthodox play caller. You sure can run the ball in that situation because you don't expect them to do that. If you're going to pass the ball, I'd rather you do it from the one-yard line. You have less real estate. If you back them up to the six, you have a little more real estate to play with. Most of the time in that situation, you'd want to pass the ball or be in a run-pass option."

On the starting right tackle:

"I wanted to get [Barksdale] back in slowly. He's back, 100 percent, but [T] Sam Tevi has been doing an outstanding job. The chemistry of that offensive line right now is very important to me. Right now, we're going to roll with Sam, but we're going to keep Joe involved."

On what carried over from last season:

"I think the culture has carried over. I don't think the wins and losses can carry over. We have a lot of the same guys in the locker room that we had last year. I think that they understand what we have to do to win football games. I think it's a tough group."

On Barksdale:

"Well, Joe [Barksdale] is a professional. He's prepared and he's ready to play every single week."

On DE Joey Bosa:

"I know he's getting better. He's doing more football functional things. We'll just take it day-by-day and see where he ends up at the end of the week."