Lynn on Preparing for Lamar Jackson

Chargers HC addresses the media about the current injury report, preparing for Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson

Opening Statement:

“All right, [NT] Brandon Mebane's back in practice today. [RB] Melvin Gordon [III] practiced full speed today. [WR] Keenan Allen and [RB] Austin Ekeler did not practice, but they're both getting better. Maybe sometime this week we'll get those guys in but they're getting better. [TE] Sean Culkin did not practice today. Other than that, it was a pretty good practice. The scout teams did an outstanding job showing us the looks we're going to get on Saturday. Any questions?”

On who is simulating Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in practice:

“Well, [QB] Geno Smith, who ran the wildcat offense in college at West Virginia. [QB] Cardale [Jones] — I almost said Kordell Stewart — that was a long time ago. Not Kordell.”

On simulating the speed of the Baltimore offense:

“That was what was so good about practice today was the speed was excellent. I think having an extra day of giving these guys a chance to look at the tape and go out and execute for offense and defense. They really had to because that was outstanding today. It was the speed of the scout teams.”

On how the offense compares to Lamar Jackson’s college system:

“What they're doing now is a lot different than what he did in college. I know he ran around in college, but a lot of that was off the drop-back. Right now, they're lining up and almost a bone offense and running the read-option. So you never know where the ball is going to go. They're balanced on both sides. They can go right, go left. You can't just put a guy in the middle and say spot the quarterback. So our guys got to play disciplined football.”

On if the read-option offense is similar to what Ravens QB Robert Griffin III ran as a rookie:

“It's the same stuff. I wouldn't say it's more advanced. They're just doing more of it. I haven't seen a quarterback run like this since Tim Tebow in Denver in 2011 when he took them to the playoffs, and I think they're running it even more.”

On the morale of the locker room:

“It's good. It's been good though, win or lose. We talk the same. Our morale is always good. These guys bounce back for us in the next week and try to get the job done.”

On having NT Brandon Mebane back:

“It's going to be critical for all of our interior guys on the backside, the guys playing on the backside just to build the wall and try to close those holes so we can protect the perimeter. They're doing a good job right now of attacking the perimeter, which is making the inside so much softer. So now that we've got Mebane in there with that type of experience, it really helps.”

On Ravens RB Gus Edwards:

“He's a power runner, man. He's creating yards after contact. Very decisive hitting the hole. He's a very good football player.”

On TE Hunter Henry:

“Hunter did some individual today and I thought he looked good. He's not there yet, but he's getting better and better.”

On the team coming back from deficits:

“We just have to focus on the execution early and often, so we can get the lead and play from the lead. I like it when we play from the lead. If we do get behind, we always feel like we can come back, and I think that's a good thing, but you don't want to do that too often because at some point it's going to bite you in the butt. We've got to play from the lead, and we've got to execute early and often.”

On preparing for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Yeah, it's difficult. It's a lot of stuff to prepare for, but having the extra day, I believe it helped. Our guys are locked in. They're focused. I thought we had a good practice today, and we'll see what happens.”

On WR Mike Williams:

“He's very confident right now and he's healthy. He knows. He believes in his skill set and what he can do. We believe in Mike. Mike's been doing this all season. We watch him every day in practice, so none of this is a surprise to us, but he is playing with a lot of confidence right now.”

On if Mike Williams’ big game in Kansas City can spur similar performances:

“I hope so.”

On where Mike Williams has improved the most this season:

“Route running. In college with his size and speed, he could just outmuscle people, outjump people — but in this league, you have to be very precise with your depth and how you run your routes. Mike's improved in that area.”

On Mike Williams’ 19-yard touchdown run:

“We've given the ball to Mike earlier in the season, also with rounds and reverses and things like that. So he's not just got good ball skills, but running skills. It's a nice move he made last week.”

On the Ravens defense:

“Baltimore's defense, they're physical. They're No. 1 in the league at getting you behind the sticks early in downs. Their offense sometimes is their defense as well. They're fresh. They play 45, 50 snaps a game. So we have to do a better job on the offensive side of the ball staying on the field, and special teams winning the hidden yards and we've got to slow them down on defense. So it's a team effort by them, but their defense is really good.”

On if he can shed light on the upcoming playoffs:

“Not even a little light. Not even a little, no. I never would disrespect the game with two games left. That's our focus right now is Baltimore, and then it will be the next one.”

On the offense waiting deep into the play clock before snapping the ball:

“Some of that is — and when I first got here I wanted to go a little faster because I'm a tempo guy — but our quarterback can dissect that defense and get us in the right play at the last second and if it's a nice play, I'm open to that. [QB Philip] Phil [Rivers] does a nice job of that.”

On if he is feeling more love from Los Angeles with recent success:

“I’ve always felt love from the city, so I know they appreciate a winner, but the love has been pretty consistent.”