Lynn on Melvin Gordon's Injury Update

Chargers Head Coach addresses the media about Melvin Gordon's injury status, and QB Philip Rivers' record setting game.

Opening Statement:

“As you all know we got some good news on [RB] Melvin Gordon, just an MCL sprain and we’ll take it week-by-week. It’s highly doubtful that he’ll play this week but never count that guy out because he recovers quickly. If he doesn’t play, I have full confidence in the young men we have behind him in [RB] Austin [Ekeler], [RB] Justin [Jackson] and [RB] Detrez [Newsome]. Those guys are young, young legs this time of the season, with the fresh legs and the veterans being grinded down a little bit sometimes they can come in and bring a little juice to your offense. It’ll be a good break for Mel if he doesn’t play and we’ll have full confidence in those younger guys. On to the game yesterday, other than spotting them 10 points I thought they played pretty well.”

On if the offense changes at all with RB Austin Ekeler being the main running back:

“No. Not at all. [RB] Austin [Ekeler] was already plugged in at what we are doing right now, inside, outside, special plays. It won’t change at all. Justin Jackson came in and I thought he ran well yesterday.”

On RB Austin Ekeler being a smaller back:

“He’s a smaller back but he’s our pound-for-pound strongest young man on the team. I have no problem bouncing him in between tackles.”

On RB Justin Jackson’s first real NFL game versus Arizona:

“I saw that’s been waiting on the runway. Waiting for his opportunity. When he got it, I thought he took full advantage of it. He’s not banged up at all. He’s fresh and that’s what we brought him here for. This time of year, a lot of young backs have to step up and play and he was ready.”

On Coach Lynn’s offensive philosophy and where it came from:

“When you look at how many games are in this league you have to take care of the football and in his position, you have to be efficient with it. Those are some of the things we talk about every week is turnovers, takeaways, giveaways and QBR rating. QBR rating is not just Philip [Rivers], it’s protection, offensive line, running backs, tight ends. Its wide receivers running their routes at the right depth, getting open, separated, catching the ball, running off the catch, touchdowns, interceptions. We talk about all those things every single week. I think Philip [Rivers] has bought into that. He always has. He’s just done a good job taking care of the football all year. I think we’re the top 5 team in the league right now in taking care of the football and giveaways.”

On if there was a coach he learned that philosophy from:

“I think when it comes to learning how to win with what you have there probably isn’t a better person than Bill Parcel to be honest with you. He was really good in teaching his coaching staff how to win games with the personnel that they had and how to get the most out of their players.”

On how crucial the philosophy is going into the last stretch of games:

“It’s been critical all year for us and I think you saw what happened when we didn’t do it last week. It’s something that we’ve always emphasized. Our coaches emphasize it every day and our players have bought into it.”

On the injuries this season:

“Next man up. We’ve had some key players go down, but it’s been the next man up mentality here and guys prepare every single week like they’re starters. That’s what I like about this group. They prepare.”

On the team’s mental toughness with the injuries this season:

“You just look at the character of our football team. We have good guys and that’s what I like about this group. I say it all the time, great players don’t win championships, great teams do. I think we have an opportunity to have a great team here.”

On how relieved he was when he found out about RB Melvin Gordon’s only having a sprain:

“I was very relieved because I’ve had MCLs and I know you can recover quickly from those and Melvin is a fast healer. I was very relieved. When I saw it happen on the field it looked pretty nasty. I thought he came out on the good end of this one.”

On if the hit on RB Melvin Gordon was intentional:

“I don’t know if it was intentional. I thought the young man was just playing hard and it happened.”

On if he’s hopeful RB Melvin Gordon will be back by the end of the year:

“Absolutely. Absolutely.”

On QB Philip Rivers season and the recognition he gets:

“He gets a lot recognition with us. We appreciate him. I think he’s having a great season. He is doing a heck of a job leading this team number one and taking care of the football, getting us in the right place. He understands our offense. He works with the coaching staff. I just can’t say enough about the season that he’s having but that doesn’t mean anything right now if we don’t get into the playoffs.”

On QB Philip Rivers understanding the offense and Coach Lynn better in year two together:

“I sure hope so. It’s our second year together and I’ve never wavered from what I believe in how this team will look. I would think he has a pretty good understanding of how to win football games.”

On QB Philip Rivers and Coach Lynn’s animated interactions on the sidelines:

“Families have disagreements. It happens all the time. I trust that young man, I think he trusts me, and I think we’re in a good place.”

On the defense without NT Brandon Mebane and DT Corey Liuget:

“I thought [Damion] Square did a pretty good job inside and then [DL] Justin Jones came in and gave him a relief at times. I thought they strained a little bit. I thought they made their plays and we’re looking for those guys to do the same thing this week if they need to.”

On if NT Brandon Mebane will return this week:

“Brandon right now is taking care of some personal, family business and his leadership is needed with his family right now and that’s where we want him to be.”

On T Damion Square being able to play multiple spots:

“That’s what [Damion] Square brings to your football team is versatility. He played big end, he played three-technique, he played nose. That’s what you like about him and that makes him real valuable to our defense.”

On holding RB Melvin Gordon out for the next two games to prepare him for Kansas City:

“It all depends on how he progresses. It’s a recovery. Melvin [Gordon] over the years, he’s healed pretty quickly so when he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go.”

On if it’s easier to game plan for Pittsburgh knowing that RB Melvin Gordon is most likely out:

“It’s always better to know game plan wise, if a player is playing or not but it’s not going to make that big of a difference in how we plan.”

On WR Tyrell Williams not playing a lot versus Arizona:

“He’s sore. He was limited last week in practice. His groin was a little sore yesterday so we’re just trying to take care of him.”

On if WR Tyrell Williams was persuasive in talking his way into limited play:

“We wanted him to play. He’s been playing well but we didn’t need him to be out there the whole time yesterday. We probably played that one pretty closely.”

On the right tackle rotation:

“As far as yesterday, I think Joe [Barksdale] came in at times. We try to keep both guys involves. Both guys are pretty good right tackles. Sam [Tevi] is the starter right now and Sam played most of the snaps, but Joe got quite a few snaps as well. Right now, that’s going fine for us. Joe is a good player and we want to keep him involved.”

On repetitions of footwork in practice:

“You see it all the time when you watch our practice. [QB] Phil [Rivers] does a good of that with the wide receivers just two-stepping on the sidelines. They work those drills every single day. It just shows up in the game. If you work at it, you focus on it, you want to get better at it you’ll see it happen during the game. I thought Uchenna [Nwosu] made a heck of a play on that one in the endzone on the running back. That’s a drill that the linebackers practice every single week. Hands go up, rip the ball out. I love to see things happen on the field on the Sunday’s that we do throughout the week in practice.”

On if anyone told him that QB Philip Rivers was near completing the record for most consecutive pass competitions:

“Someone told me in the third quarter that 23, 24. I had no idea. It didn’t feel that way, but I’m not surprised.”

On if anyone told him the record was 25 pass competitions:

“No, I wasn’t worried about the record but when you get that close with a nice little lead like that if someone had told me I might have been thinking about that.”

On if working both guys in at right tackle messes up the rhythm of the offensive line:

“That came up. Yes, that is a factor, but I think with right tackles it’s different than playing running back, quarterback. I think those guys right now are handling that situation really well and I don’t think it’s a problem.”

On LB Jatavis Brown:

“He has versatility. He plays mike, he plays will. He comes in and plays nickel, he plays dime. He knows the defense very well and we were very fortunate to have someone like him on our team when [LB] Denzel [Perryman] went down we could just plug a guy in.”