Lynn: 'It Was a Physical Game' Against the Raiders

Chargers HC Anthony Lynn talks with the media about his thoughts on the Bolts victory in Oakland

Opening Statement:

"I think after watching the film, like I said yesterday, it was a physical game. It got a little chippy at times, but our guys hung in there. They fought hard. We started a little slow. I think the wind early in the game kind of affected the ball a little bit. Our offense has been all about explosive plays. I think that slowed us down some. Offensively, we still need to improve on third down. Defensively, I thought the guys did a heck of a job again on the goal line stand. It kind of set the tone, I thought, for the game because when the guys came off the field, you could just feel the momentum — that we did it again. It was good to see them continue to play good in the red zone. We held the team to two field goals, it was pretty good."

On LB Denzel Perryman:

"He went out yesterday in the game. We found out today that we were going to lose Denzel for the rest of the season. That was definitely a blow to our defense."

On if Perryman's injury will require surgery:

"Yeah, there is going to be surgery. He's gone for the year."

On the nature of Perryman's injury:


On the loss of Perryman and LB Kyzir White:

"It's a next man up mentality. We have guys that are on the developmental squad that know our system that we will look at bringing up. We're going to look at the waiver wire, but we're going to look within our team first for guys to step up. [LB] Hayes Pullard, he's back with the team now. He did a heck of a job stepping up last year and played the MIKE position when Denzel was out. It'll give him another opportunity."

On how Perryman's injury affects LB Uchenna Nwosu:

"He's playing well right now at end, so I'm trying to leave his role the same, but he has to know the outside linebacker position as well."

On if LB Kyle Emanuel could move to inside linebacker:

"Kyle Emanuel played inside in preseason for us and some in the regular season. The more he plays there, the better he looks. That's another option. We could move him inside."

On S Adrian Phillips:

"Adrian has been that MIKE linebacker in our dime package. He has done an unbelievable job as a linebacker, but he's not your every down MIKE."

On the run defense without Perryman yesterday:

"Hayes Pullard hadn't taken any reps at all at MIKE. He came in, he knows this system and he played well — but Denzel is the starter for a reason. Our rush defense is a lot better with Denzel in there. We want to pick it up collectively as a group now."

On Perryman's frustration missing the rest of the season due to injury:

"Injuries, you can't control those. He's very frustrated right now. All he can do now is get healthy, have a good attitude, come to rehab every day and help his teammates the best that he can."

On losing Perryman's mentality:

"Sure, [the defense loses that], but like I say, every man is going to have to pick it up and bring a little bit more to the table because when Denzel is in the game, he's a difference-maker."

On DE Joey Bosa:

"We'll see [if he can practice this week]. I'm really pleased with the progress that he made last week as far as moving towards getting back on the field, but we'll see when he's ready."

On if Bosa will be out this week:

"I don't put expectations on these timelines because I've been burned before. When those guys are ready, they're ready."

On the energy and mentality of the team:

"I don't know. Everybody feels something different, but I feel good about the team. I feel good about the men that we have in the locker room — the character that they have. I love the way they work. Every single week, I love the way that they hit the reset button and start over. They pay the price every single week to go out and try to get a win. They did it four weeks in a row in [four games away from home]. I think that says a lot about their character."

On winning the past four games away from StubHub Center:

"It doesn't exceed [what I thought] because I couldn't look at the schedule and figure out which one we wanted to lose. I wanted to win them all. We just emphasized and talked about it. The guys — I love the way they stayed locked in and kept their focus."

On if it's nice to be playing at StubHub Center this week:

"It's very nice. I miss StubHub."

On his impact on changing the culture:

"I don't think it's just me. We have an outstanding coaching staff. Like I said, we have an outstanding locker room — the character that is in the locker room. [General Manager] Tom Telesco, picking the players and bringing the right guys on the team — it's everybody as an organization. We've all made an effort — not to say the coaches were bad — but we just wanted to improve. I think we've done that, but we still have work to do."

On if the culture has become more even-keeled:

"That's part of it, no doubt. In this business, you have to stay in the present, man. You can't work on what you did last week and what you are going to do the week after because you'll go out there and get your butts kicked. There are great examples of that every single week in the National Football League."

On having veteran coaches on the staff:

"I would rather have a veteran coach's experience. It's great that we have young up-and-coming coaches — that's awesome, they're the future — but I like the staff that I have. I have a good mixture of veterans and a good mixture of youth. I think we relate to the guys and I think we get the most out of the guys."

On players getting chippy toward the end of the game:

"That was the only negative that I took from the game. We have some corrections to make, as always, but that right there is what I don't want to see. We have to be smarter. It was chippy. Some of it — our guys were playing good, clean football. It was both ways. It chippy from both [sides]. I saw some of the things they were doing. We just have to react and respond better than what we did — be smarter."

On how to respond differently:

"No doubt, [it's about walking away]. I think, in today's society, walking away is tough. Guys used to take the gloves off and fight, but those days are over. You'll get killed today if you take that mentality out on the streets in society today. I just believe — and we talk about stuff like that — toughness now is having the mental toughness to walk away from something like that."

On WR Keenan Allen getting into the end zone:

"He hasn't forgotten how that feels. He has a lot of touchdowns. It was just a matter of time."

On if it helps Allen's mentality to get back into the end zone:

"Yeah, so he can do his little dance. That's why he wanted to get back in the end zone."

On if Allen can have another stretch of success like he did late last year:

"Oh, no doubt about it. He takes care of himself. His weight is down to 203. He was 218 when he first got here. Shoot, this guy is hungry, man."

On if Allen is quicker with his lower weight:

"It's made him a lot quicker and explosive."

On if Allen is too light:

"No, that's just right. I like what he's doing"

On RB Melvin Gordon III in pass protection:

"You know, he has gotten so much better in that area. He was always capable. He's big enough, he's strong enough, but that's an attitude. That's an attitude of unselfishness and taking care of your quarterback. Those are the things that people overlook sometimes with runners. I think that's the biggest mismatch on the football field, a running back on a linebacker. When do you see someone that's 260 pounds take on someone that's 215 — that big of a difference in weight. These guys step up and do it all the time — not just Melvin, but [RB] Austin [Ekeler] does a good job of that as well."

On if Perryman's loss has an effect on the pass rush:

"I think the rush defense is where we're going to miss him the most. We didn't really rush him a lot, but he did a nice job of dropping in the zone and tipping balls, things like that. I believe it's going to be in the rush defense. That's where everyone is going to have to pick it up now."

On his mentality playing against Denver:

"It's a good team. They've lost a lot of close games. This team is dangerous. You look at those two edge rushers that they have and the running back that they have in the backfield that not a lot of people talk about. This kid can run the football. Like I said, they're in a lot of games that they've lost, so it's going to be a really challenging game for us."

On CB Michael Davis:

"I thought Michael took a step forward this week. He's challenging guys more and is getting more confident. That's all that is, he just needed reps. He has the size, the speed and he's playing more physical. I like what I'm seeing from Michael right now."

On Davis' confidence:

"You only get that, unfortunately, from playing. We can talk to him all we want, but until we throw him in the fire — they can have some success, failures and learn that they still have to get better."