Coach Lynn and Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley after practice with the Saints

Coach Lynn and Gus Bradley address the media after practice with the Saints


On the progress hes seen from the new guys:

Its night-and-day from day one. All of those guys have gotten better and they continue to get better every week. Come September 9, well see where they are. Some of those guys, you might find them in the starting lineup.

On the offensive line being more stable this year:

It does. Being around this personnel a year longer, knowing how to use those guys a little better and what they can do well and what not, it all helps.

On G Forrest Lamp:

Forrest is a good football player. When he gets back and hes healthy, he can play guard and he can play tackle. Im sure hell pick up where he left off.

On Lamp being a possible swing player:

When hes back healthy, hes going to compete for a starting job. We liked him in the starting lineup last year and we look forward to seeing him back in there again.

On what he liked about todays joint practice:

I love seeing the guys competing. [We] put them in red zone, third down situations, third-and-long situations. I love seeing guys compete and make plays. I thought we had that today. We had some miscommunication as well. The tempo sped up at practice and thats good for us. Thats going to help us on game day.

On the benefits of having a joint practice:

You really just like to break up the monotony of camp and go against someone else. This last week of training camp is going to go by a lot faster because the Saints are here. Were going to get some good, quality work done. We get to evaluate our players against another teams players, just to see to see where we are.

On CB Casey Hayward:

Just a little sore in the hamstring.

On LB Uchenna Nwosu:

Hes strong. Hes a strong, big, fast man. The more comfortable he gets with [Defensive Coordinator] Gus [Bradley] scheme, the faster and [more] physical he plays. We like him as a rush [defensive] end and we like him as an outside linebacker. Hes doing a lot of things for a rookie, but hes doing them well right now.

On Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Allison Miner:

I was about to say Allison is the man, but shes a woman. Shes awesome. Shes a professional. She knows how to handle herself around the guys. She doesnt take any crap. She gets her job done and thats why shes here. If she couldnt do that, she wouldnt be here.

On G Michael Schoefield III:

Michael is doing good. [He was] last years quality depth for us at the tackle and the swing guard, but he stepped in at that right guard and hes doing well. As long as we do what they do best, I think thats going to help all those guys up front. [C] Mike Pouncey has been the biggest difference. Hes been a nice fit for that offensive line, just the whole mindset [he brings].

On what difference hes seen in the offensive line:

Everything. Run blocking, pass protection, communication. You have a veteran center in there, so that helps a lot. That center is like the quarterback of the offensive line.


Opening statement:

[It was] a really good practice for us as far as practice tempo. we got used to their speed. I thought they came out and did a great job. I mean, to go against that level of offense is a great challenge for us. [There were] different schemes, different things that theyre going to do to attack us, so I thought it was great timing, too. I think this week was excellent to have this team come in and be able to go against them

On LB Uchenna Nwosu:

He's a guy that as we watched during training camp. He would have flashes, but when he got into games, those flashes have appeared to happen more often. He picked it up more in games. Hopefully, that carries over into practice to where his level just keeps improving. He's learning multiple positions for us. He lines up as an outside linebacker. He lines up as a rusher. So he's really got a lot on his plate, but to see him using the technique things we asked him to do [is good]. He's never really dropped [into coverage] a lot before, so were asking him to do more of that and he has seemed to pick that up a little quicker than we anticipated.

On LB Kyzir White:

Were still in that phase where were mixing-and-matching guys, seeing how they adjust to playing with the ones and playing with the twos. He's a guy who has really good speed. He was a safety in college and moved to linebacker for us. He's got good length and he's heavy-handed, so [he has some of the traits that we're looking for at linebacker. Today, he made a play. He's a guy that we're trying to speed up his learning curve a little bit. He also is playing multiple positions, so were seeing how much he can handle strain-wise.

On younger guys getting snaps with the starters:

We always try and take those younger guys and put them with the first group to see how they will respond. Today was one of those days where you put them all together and see how they respond. They've really done a good job. Theyve got a lot on their plate, but I think, somewhat, it's slowing down for them so we can see their actual game speed. I know they would probably say that they've got a long way to go which they do but the progress that theyre making at this point, we just need to keep pushing them because they do some good things. Uchenna [Nwosu] is a guy that shows up and has shown up the last two games on game day, so I think thats what we need to start to see more in practice and hopefully, it starts to carry over at an even higher level.