Gus Bradley on Slowing Arizona's Rush Attack

Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley speaks to the media following practice on Thursday.

On replacing DT Corey Liuget:

“I think with [NT] Damion [Square], he’ll be playing a lot more inside now with [DE] Joey [Bosa] back. We’ll look at rotations with those guys. Just like always how fast we rotate those guys. He has the flexibility to play in a lot of different positions. [DT Darius] Philon, Square all those guys will get a chance.”

On NT Damion Square:

“He’s such a good technician. I think that’s what allows him to successful and play multiple positions. If we do choose to put him inside more, he’ll have to use his technique.”

On DT Justin Jones’ opportunities:

“It is a good opportunity. He’s a guy that’s played three technique and nose. We like him at three. He’s been able to spell, [[NT] Brandon [Mebane] at nose. I think you’ll be seeing him play both those spots. In training camp and preseason, when he was on the edge, he got some rush room so hopefully when he gets that opportunity, he provides that again.”

On LB Jatavis Brown:

“The last two weeks he played really well. Last week, there were a couple plays in there but that’s with everybody on the defensive side. You can pick out plays here and there. Overall, his play, he’s really jumped out at us. Not only with run fits and understanding the defense, but also understanding the pass concepts.” 

On Brown evolving from the first year to second year in the system:

“I think for him it’s a comfort level. I think he understands it. He’s the type of player that wants to know what everybody’s doing on the field and when he knows what everybody’s doing, it seems like it elevates his play. Some guys, they just know their position and you see that come a little bit faster — but for him it’s because of great benefit. He’s made a couple plays for us in third down situations just because he knew what everybody else was doing. I think that awareness is the difference between this year and last year.”

On DE Joey Bosa:

“I think each day that he practices, you see his comfort level where he’s coming back. His ability to rush in practice. I think he’s getting that comfort level back as well.”

On time frame for Bosa to get back to full speed:

“Everybody’s different. Each position is different. For Joey, that position he’s played so long and has a really good understanding of that position — so I think for him the battle is just getting 100 percent confident that he can go and make the moves and the turns and redirects and things like that, that he feels complete confidence. I think that’s what we’re starting to see out on the practice field.”

On the Cardinals offense with RB David Johnson:

“I think there are some subtle differences and the commitment to him and the run game. You see it in the stats on third down they jumped up 12-13 percent in the last three games. The run game, the last couple games, now the rushing yards and their rushing averages have jumped up. That commitment to the run game. They’re going to try to get him the ball as much as possible whether it’s in the pass game, run game or screens because he is such a dynamic player.” 

On stopping Johnson:

“I think just as the game goes on, he can really wear on you. He’s an elite back. He can run in between the tackles and also get him out on the perimeter and in space on the screens he catches or check downs. It creates an issue. I think we have to have great awareness. Some people talk about tight ends and with them you have to have great awareness, well this week it’s the back. You have to have great awareness of where he is.”

On the linebacker rotation:

“I think the more and more they play, especially with [LB] Kyle [Emanuel] because he was an outside linebacker and now to play behind the ball, we saw him grow as the game went on. The more and more playing time he gets at that position, I think his play will be elevated. We’re trying to everybody, seven linebackers or so, and a lot of them are getting reps just to keep guys in tune with it and keep him fresh. They’ll be a rotation there with our base and nickel package and you might see even more rotation taking place.”