Derwin James: 'It Will Be a Good Test' Playing in Oakland

Chargers First Round Pick Derwin James talks with the media about the defense's performance, as well as his own

On his performance this season:

“I feel like I’m off to a good start. I feel like the first part of the season has been going pretty well. We’ve been winning, so that’s the main thing.”

On the secondary:

“Everybody can make plays. We're a very confident group, a very tight, close group — on and off the field. I feel like everybody, any week, can make plays on the ball, and I feel like that's what makes this group special.”

On how the Raiders have changed from earlier in the year:

“They're still the same Raider team. They've still got a good team. [Raiders QB] Derek Carr, he's playing good, completing a lot of passes at a high level. They still have [Raiders WR] Martavis Bryant, so they've still got a lot of guys over there that can make plays and you've got to be aware of, so I feel like it'll be a good test, good challenge going into their place.”

On the challenge of the past three weeks:

“As a defense we like playing on the road because of course if we're on the road it's not as loud when we're on the field because that's usually the home team, the offense. We love playing on the road. We love playing anywhere, honestly, to be honest.”

On if the mentality changes for the divisional game:

“No, we play every game the same game. Even if it wasn't a division game, we come in with the same mindset that we want to get to 1-0 and get that game that we need.”