Coach Lynn: "We get to see where we stack up against the best."

Coach Lynn speaks to the media before practice.

Opening Statement:

"Opening day, full house. We're excited. Couldn't wait for this week to get here. Guys put in a lot of hard work, time and effort and obviously our attention is Kansas City, but also it's on ourselves. We're trying to focus on some things that we can do better because it doesn't matter what the game plan is. If we don't go out and execute it, it's not going to matter. Any questions?

On S Derwin James potentially starting:

We'll see how the week goes. You know guys, young guys taking in the game plan seeing how they catch on in a couple of days it's not like training camp anymore. We go to specific game plans for people and they catch on quickly, yeah, they'll be out there on the field.

On Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

You haven't seen much of him. I know him. He went to my alma mater. I've seen him play for a lot of years. I know he's very talented. Strong arm. He can move around and so they didn't show everything they're going to do in preseason so who knows. That's why we have to be more focused on ourselves this week, make sure that we're sound, we're disciplined. Our techniques are tight because you don't know what they're going to do.

On the difficulty of facing a new quarterback:

Well, normally you have the whole offseason to get ready for this game. So the fear is doing too much because you know so much. But we know we know what we know. They're not going to change too much, but they do have a new quarterback and Im sure they have some wrinkles for him. They lost some guys [in free agency] on defense. They may do some things differently on defense, but we just have to pick up on the adjustments throughout the game and see where it goes from there.

On watching historical tape of Mahomes:

You know, we saw that [Week 17] game [last year]. He played well in that game. He just came in and ran their offense.

On the feeling throughout the building:

It's a different vibe. The focus is there. It's more business-like. Guys know, they know what's at stake now.

On C Mike Pouncey integrating with the offensive line:

Mike is a skillful center, but I love the intangibles he brings in the leadership category. His whole demeanor he brings a little alpha dog up front and I can see that a little bit, especially with the younger players. He's been good for our football team.

On TE Antonio Gates:

I'm going to watch him closely this week. I want to know where he is conditioning-wise. We know that he can help us. That's why we brought him back. I don't know how much yet, but we'll see.

On Gates practicing this afternoon:

He's going to practice today, yes.

On if Gates participated in any of Mondays practice:

He was taking physicals Monday and signed his contract. He didn't do anything Monday.

On playing the Chiefs in Week 1:

I do [like it] because they're the best team in our division. I think right away we get to see where we stack up against the best and that's all you can ask for as a coach and an athlete.

On QB Philip Rivers relating with younger players:

He's a good leader and I think good leaders they always find a way to communicate with the people that they're around. It's intentional. I've seen them go to dinner with guys that are a lot younger than he is. Philip has his own unique way of doing that. That hasn't been a problem at all.

On the offense being more philosophically balanced early this season:

No doubt [it will be], just being here for another year around the same players and coaching staff. We have a pretty good idea of what we do best and where we need to focus.

On Oakland trading DE Khalil Mack to Chicago:

Never crossed my mind. My focus is on Kansas City right now.

On the poor start last season:

No, [I havent brought it up] at all. No. You can't take the wins and losses from last year over this year. So I don't even worry about that. I don't even talk about that. I do believe you can bring the culture over and I like what I see from my guys from that perspective.

On Kansas City as the best team in the division:

Well, they've won the division I mean back-to-back years. Until someone knock them off, they're the division champs. That's the way it's always been.