Coach Lynn on Signing Another Kicker

Coach Lynn Thursday press conference.

Opening Statement:

“All right. We signed another kicker, just in case [K Caleb Sturgis] can't kick on Sunday. He had a sore quad, strained his quad last week and he didn't complain about it because that's the type of young man he is — but when he missed that extra point and his last couple kickoffs were kind of at the five-yard line, we kind of knew something was wrong. It's just a little sore right now, so we had to get a security blanket just in case. 

On any frustration with inconsistent kicking:

“Well, frustrating or not, we've got to fix it.”

On if both kickers will be active on Sunday:

“No. No. One or the other.”

On concern with keeping Sturgis active if not at full health:

“Well, we'll make that decision here real soon. [K] Mike's [Badgley] going to kick today in practice. If he kicks well today in practice, the decision could be made. We'll see.”

On if Sturgis will kick tomorrow:

“Well, it will be sometime tomorrow, but if Mike [Badgley] kicks well today, and we feel comfortable with him, it will be an easier decision tomorrow, I can tell you that.”

On K Michael Badgley:

“We brought three guys in to work out and Mike had a heck of a workout. Don't have a lot of history with Mike, so wanted to keep him around a little longer just to see. You never know.”

On if the team considered bringing back K Roberto Aguayo:

“Oh, he was here. No doubt, and we had him the whole camp. So we're very familiar with Roberto. Mike is the one we're not familiar with, and he had a heck of a day yesterday.”

On if he suspected Sturgis had an injury:

“No, I didn't. He didn't say anything. We didn't really know until after the game, you know, Monday, Tuesday before we found out he was really sore and may not be able to kick this week. So, like I said, he went into that week with a really good mindset, the mechanics are good between him and [P] Donnie [Jones], and the snapper [LS Mike Windt]. I had a lot of confidence in that group. I thought he kicked well. He missed one, but he hit it well, and when he missed the extra point, you know, no one thought maybe something was wrong. The way he missed it was bad and then we found out that he had the quad. So that's why.”

On if the kickers have assurances they will be on the roster if there are misses this week:

“My man, nobody has assurance in this business.”

On Sturgis’ injury history:

“Well, it's been a knock on him, his health a little bit, but he's been one of the — the critical kicks, he was No. 1 in the league for a while. So you get him healthy, his injuries were minor — it wasn't major — but when he's healthy and working with a good operation, I think we have a pretty good kicker on our hands.”

On the secondary:

“Oh, yeah. Our guys are getting used to playing different schemes. We're doing some things differently and it took a while for these guys to gel a little bit. To create more pressure, you have to do things different in the secondary. So I think they're getting more familiar with what's going on in the back end. When you get to the quarterback, like we did last week, it helps.”

On the effect of DE Joey Bosa not playing:

When you have a Joey, and you have a [DE] Melvin [Ingram III], and you can get pressure on the quarterback rushing four, you can put coverage all day. When you have to bring in your secondary guys, now there are holes in the secondary. So it took a while for guys to gel and get used to that, but we're just making the adjustments that we have to make.”

On how he wants the defense to play Browns QB Baker Mayfield:

“I want him on his back.”

On Mayfield’s ability to move outside of the pocket:

“He's a hard guy to contain. When he gets out of the pocket, he can move the ball with his legs. He throws accurately on the move. That's when he's most dangerous to be honest with you.”

On replacing LB Jatavis Brown if he can’t play:

“We would replace him by committee. We have other guys that will step in right now. What happens when you sort of lose your linebackers, it hurts your special teams depth because now you're pulling from special teams, but you have to do what you have to do.”

On using S Adrian Phillips to fill in for Brown:

“Adrian Phillips plays in the box a lot, especially on dime package. He did a good job last year. He's doing a good job this year.”

On S Derwin James and S Jahleel Addae switching positions throughout a game:

“I think [Addae] handled it well. It took a while to get used to playing back in the deep end. It's not his forte, but he's back up, and I think he's handling it well, and he's in the box. Obviously, he's a natural in the box. He's a pro.”

On his comfort level with the safeties:

“I'm comfortable with both guys. I really am.”

On Phillips as a safety:

“Adrian has done outstanding. Our dime package was really productive last year, and Adrian's a big reason why.”

On C Mike Pouncey:

“He's limited. Yeah, he'll be limited again today. This time of year, I think everybody's almost limited, you know.”

On if Pouncey will be a game-time decision:

“I wouldn't say he's a game-time decision. We're just taking care of him.”


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