Coach Lynn: 'It's Going to Be a Dogfight' vs. Cleveland

Chargers Head Coach addresses the media about the passing of Alex Spanos and his impressions of the Browns.

Opening Statement:

“First thing I just want to pay respects to the Spanos family. We lost the owner yesterday and even though I never got a chance to meet him, I heard a lot about him. I worked with his son and worked with his grandkids — I got to know him through them. That was a big loss for the organization. He's done a lot as far as in the communities of San Diego and Los Angeles alone. He just gave a lot, and I just really respect him and his family for all they've done. So many people, we've gotten so many letters. He affected so many people's lives, that I just wanted to pay respects to the family that way.”

On the Cleveland Browns:

“Cleveland is a good football team. A very good, young football team. We knew they were good last year when we played them. We struggled to get points on the board against that defense. It's going to be a dogfight, but they all are, so it's nothing that we hadn't seen before.”

On the offense under Browns Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley:

“Todd's very good at getting the ball into the hands of his play-makers, and he has a lot of play-makers. You know, [Browns WR Jarvis] Landry is having one of his better seasons. The running backs are playing very well — [it’s a] three-headed monster back there at running back. The quarterback is really extending plays, keeping drives alive and moving the ball with his legs — and he's making every single throw in the book. Todd's got a lot of weapons to play with, so that's dangerous.”

On if the Cleveland offense is similar to Haley’s in Pittsburgh:

“I wouldn't say similar to what he did in Pittsburgh because he had a better quarterback. I think he's now playing more to [Browns QB] Baker’s [Mayfield] strength.”

On Browns QB Baker Mayfield:

“I wouldn't say he's ahead [of other rookie quarterbacks]. I just like the way they're using him. They're doing a lot of what he did in college. I think when first quarterbacks come into this league, we're going to have to give a little bit that way if they're going to have any success.”

On how this Browns team is different from previous seasons:

“They were talented last year when we played them. That was a scary game for us. Like I said, they just learned how to win, actually. They've won some close games. They're [2-2-1], they could be 4-1 right now. It's a dangerous football team.”

On both teams having played Oakland recently:

“Yeah, but some people are game plan specific. So what they did against the Raiders, we may see something completely different. They scored a lot of points in the game, so I expect them to do some of that. They have a huge play book with RPOs and all those type of plays, so we're preparing for everything right now.”

On Browns Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams:

“He has a huge play book. You never know what defense you're going to get from Greg. It's like a rolodex, and they're very good in their executing. He's got some weapons to work with, [LB] Jamie Collins [Jr.], I thought at one time he was one of the better linebackers in the game in New England. So he's still there. He's still a young player. [They have S Jabrill] Peppers in the back. I liked him coming out of school. [DL Myles] Garrett, you know, he has six sacks already. So he's got a lot of tools. Lot of line movement up front, trying to get pressure from the be quarterback that way. They're playing well.”

On watching tape of Mayfield from Oklahoma:

“We studied Baker a lot last year coming out of school, sowe were very familiar with what his college tape looked like. We didn't have to look at it too much this week, but we see them implementing some things that he did well, which is smart.”

On playing against Haley:

“I've been standing on the other side for a long time now. So, we're very good friends, but we love beating each other.”

On QB Philip Rivers:

“He’s taking care of the football. He's going to throw one every now and then, but for the most part, he's taking care of the football. His completion percentage is up, and, you know, that's everybody. That's the O-line protecting and that's the receivers running the right routes — right depth, catching the ball. That's the whole team — backs out of the back field, but he's taking care of the football, and he's delivering the mail where it needs to go.”

On if T Russell Okung or T Joe Barksdale will practice this week:

“Both will be limited in practice this week, yes.”

On if Rivers’ completion percentage is a product of being with him for a second season:

“Well, that can't hurt, you know, being around a guy for a year and two offseasons, but I think we're all in the same page. I think we've always been on the same page. I think in the beginning it may have been a little pull there with what we want to do, but right now I think things are rolling smoothly. The offense could not be more balanced right now in how we're attacking defenses.”

On the offense adjusting to Rivers’ skills this season:

“I think it's always been adjusted to Philip’s skill set. That's what you have to do when you have a quarterback of this caliber.”

On LB Kyzir White:

“He probably won’t be available this week.”

On if DE Joey Bosa will travel with the team:

“No, we've met about that. He will stay here. We think it's the best thing and work on his rehab.”

On the Brows defense:

“They’re No. 1 in the league in takeaways.”

On playing against an opportunistic defense:

“We haven't given it away, so we have to keep doing what we're doing. That speaks to your toughness, the toughness of the football team when we go in there, how we protect in the crowd, how we hold up. How we respond. They're going to make some plays, but we've taken care of the football.”

On LB Jatavis Brown:

“Jatavis does a fine job. He left the game last week for a little bit. He may miss some practice this week as well, but he's done a fine job. He's a veteran guy. In some ways, it was better because he's a veteran. He's been there, he's done it, and he knew what he was doing. We knew with Kyzir [White], he's a heck of an athlete. You saw the plays he made when he was in there, but we needed him to stay on the field, that's why he can get through some of those learning curves and be that linebacker that we know he can be. Now he's out and Jatavis steps in. He did a good job.”

On rookie S Derwin James and Browns rookie CB Denzel Ward:

“Denzel's doing everything I thought he'd do. I loved him coming out of Ohio State. The young man has a lot of confidence, lot of speed, ball skills — and he's a good man corner and zone corner. My guy, I love it. DJ [James], we use DJ in a lot of different places. He does a lot of things for us.”