Coach Anthony Lynn: "It's a big game because it's the next game."

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn calls out to an official during the third quarter against the Buffalo Bills Sept 16.Phtot: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn – Conference Call – September 19, 2018

(On what the week is like for him preparing for the inaugural Rams vs. Chargers game in Los Angeles)

"Yeah, it's the next on the schedule. It's a big game because it's the next game. I love playing in the Coliseum as well – that place, I have a lot of fond memories of that place and it's a great place to play a football game. Should be a lot of fun."

(On if he can attribute anything to CB Marcus Peters success against Chargers QB Philip Rivers)

"No, other than he's a good player. He's a really good player. I don't think it's anything other than that. He's a smart guy. He's one of the top cover corners in this league. We've had some success on him as well though."

(On him playing under Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips as a player and what he remembers from him that year)

"Absolutely, he was my first head coach. Well, I was a rookie for that year, so I remember some things. I just know that I liked him as a head coach and as a man. We've always maintained a relationship ever since that. I just knew he was a heck of a defensive coach and our defense was always good with (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips). We kind of dictated the offenses. He's been good over the years, so he hasn't slowed down at all in that department. So, I know his defense will be ready to go. No one scored on them in the last six quarters. I think the world of him. Looking forward to playing against him."

(On how he evaluates the Rams defense from their defensive line, linebackers and secondaries)

"Well, I think their defensive line - they're very good, maybe one of the better defensive lines in the National Football League with (DT Aaron) Donald, (DT Ndamukong) Suh, (DL Michael Brockers) 'Brock'. You've got those new linebackers outside. They hadn't played a whole lot, but they're physical and they have good size. Inside, they’re fast and want to hit guys. They're not very big, not your typical inside linebackers, but they're speed guys. Then, in the secondary, you've got two of the top corners in the league in man coverage and in the back end at safeties, those guys are quality players as well. I think they're stacked in every position on every level. Like I told my team this morning, we're about to play some really good football and it's going to be a heck of a challenge for them, but that's why you play the game. That is why you play it because you like these challenges and it's fun and exciting."

(On how he feels about his offensive line going into this game without OT Joe Barksdale going up against the Rams defensive line)

"Yeah, well, (Chargers OT) Sam Tevi stepped in for (Chargers OT) Joe (Barksdale) and Sam has done a pretty good job. He's a young tackle and he's got a lot to learn. He's going to grow over these next few games because of the starts and this valuable game experience that he's getting. He's just going to get better and better each week. I'm pleased with what he's doing right now. They have a few guys on the d-line that we have to be concerned with because they can wreck a game and we're going to have to do some things to prevent that."

(On his impression of RB Todd Gurley II this season and if he's done anything different or better than he did a year ago)

"Yeah, I think it's too early right now to tell. But, (RB) Todd (Gurley II) – he's one of the best backs in our league. He's like a complete back. He's got the power, the elude, the receiving skills - he's just a play-maker. I loved him coming out of college. What I liked about him the most was just by interviews, just sitting down and just meeting him and the way he carries himself. He's a professional. I really like him as a man. He's an awesome player."

(On if it's really about 'Fight for L.A.' or if it's just another game and if both the Chargers and Rams going all-in with player acquisitions is about the teams competing off the field or if it's not even about that)

"I don't know what they're doing off the field. That's not my department (laughs). In football, it's just they're next on the schedule and they're in our way and we're in their way and we'll decide on the football field. But no, we're fighting for each other. We don't think about the marketing and all that 'Fight for L.A.' stuff. That's not what we do."

(On if there is any update on the Chargers DE Joey Bosa injury situation)

"He's out this week. He'll be week-to-week after that. When (DE) Joey (Bosa) is ready, he's more than welcomed. We'll welcome him back with open arms."