Chargers DC Gus Bradley "I liked the energy of the defense and how we came out."

Chargers Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley addresses the media before practice.

Opening Statement:

"We just had a chance to go through all of the tape with our players earlier this morning. We had a good session there. As far as a recap of the game, the first two preseason games we didn't start off really strong, but I felt like we started off pretty strong here. We really had three three-and-outs and then the fake punt we didn't respond well after that sudden-change opportunity. Prior to that, I liked the energy of the defense and how we came out. There were some good plays throughout the first half. I think in third down percentage we were pretty good. In the second half, it got a little sloppy. We came out in the second half and, right away, had a good three-and-out, but then you saw some inconsistent play that we need to clean up especially with these guys that are going to have the opportunity on Thursday. We have to clean those things up to ensure that we're better in this game against San Francisco."

On the defensive depth:

"Our twos have been playing pretty good in the first two preseason games because of some guys not playing, some of those twos moved up with the ones and it has kind of went from there. Regardless of who is playing, there are guys that have made a lot of plays out there. In that second half, it just wasn't up to our standards."

On the run defense:

"It has been good. We have seen some different runs [this preseason]. Obviously, going against our offense and the style of runs they have versus some of the teams that we're seeing. I think we've gotten a good mix of runs. I think it's better. We did miss quite a few tackles this game. I think in the first preseason game there was two. We would like to keep [the missed tackles] to that single-digit number. There was some sloppiness in the second half and some missed tackles that showed up. I think, because we got into some second-and-twos and gave that team the opportunity to no longer be in a run-pass conflict. I think the first group did a pretty good job against the run. I think we're understanding our fits. [S] Derwin [James] got a chance to play some in there. He's still figuring it out with some of the different things that he is seeing, but he is definitely making progress."

On S Derwin James and S Jahleel Addae playing together:

"This really was the first game that we did it. We wanted to see how they would operate. We feel extremely confident with Jahleel at strong safety. This kind of gave us an opportunity to see him at free and to give Derwin more reps at strong more game-like situations. I think the more that they play together, we will see how that continues to grow. We are still in the process of looking at where, who and going through that. I think those are our discussions this week."

On the flexibility of both being able to play both safety positions:

"It does [help us] in certain situations. Without a doubt."

On players needing reps in the preseason:

"You want guys to play. We would like to have them all play, come out of it healthy and get that game experience. It's one of those things unfortunately because of some of the injuries. I think we look at it and go, 'Yeah, we wish they could have played, but it's fortunate that they're not out for extended periods of time.' We'll take that positive, I guess. You'd like to see them play and get their opportunities, even if it's 15 or 20 reps."

On Derwin James:

"He's doing well. You're right, we are [moving him around a lot]. We're trying to see how he handles different situations. I think the big thing that we're looking at now is, let's start making decisions and building continuity. It is important who you're playing next to, how can you trust them and how they are going to relate to different things in the game than you are. I think that, right now, our mindset is to say, 'Alright, let's go back, look at tape and kind of discuss all of the different situations, scenarios of putting this thing together.' Then start building some continuity in these practices that we have."

On James' preparation:

"You know what, I would have no issue with Derwin James playing. I think there is going to be a learning curve. I think he's going to go out there and he'll make a mistake here and there, but he will also make some splash plays. Just like the play in the game. You saw him make a great play and then there's a play [later] where you go, 'Okay let's teach on this fit.' There might be some coaching on the sideline if that takes place on some plays, but he has gradually gotten better. You can see his confidence growing in the system. If he makes a mistake, now he knows. He'll come over and go, 'That was on me.' I couldn't say that a couple of weeks ago."

On James' role in Week 1:

"That's what we're looking at right now. We can't show our hand too much."

On LB Kyzir White:

"He's another one we've moved him around quite a bit, too. He's played the Mike and the Will. He played the Mike in Dime and the Will in Nickel. I thought he played good, not great, in the game. That's kind of coming out of the game. Then you looked at him [on film] and he kind of did what he was supposed to do. [There were] no really splash plays. He had a good open-field tackle. Here, we don't take that for granted. He's making some plays like that. I just think, with him, he's getting it, he understands it and [has] that length and size that he provides for us at that speed."

On DL Justin Jones:

"We'd like to [get him on the field this week]. I have not talked to the trainers to see where he is today. I know [he's improving] every week. He did some individual [drills] last week. I guess we'll wait to see what they tell me after today."

On defensive line depth:

"We have our fingers crossed. I don't know what's going to take place this game, but we have our fingers crossed for the first game [of the season] that we should be okay."

On James:

"He has high energy. I see him as a natural leader. I think as he gains confidence in what he's doing, it will even be more, but he's already talking. When you come off the field, he's talking to the guys, 'Hey, that's not good enough. This is good enough. This is what we're looking to do. That's a great job by the d-line.' He's very animated. He has a lot of energy. I think that personality will show more when he gains even more confidence in the system."

On if James' demeanor is like a typical rookie:

"No. I think, sometimes on tape, you see some things where you know he's young. His overall maturity? No."

On James' leadership:

"I think he is a natural leader. I think he's finding his place, but at times he can't help himself. That's who he is. He leads. I love his personality. He has a great spirit about him."

On the impact of James' energy:

"I think [it matters] if it's real confidence. You want an extremely confident unit that goes out onto the field. That energy breathes confidence, I think, if it's real. We all know guys that talk out there and don't do much or don't play as much as they should. That doesn't do anything. I think it's the combination. If you're making plays like [WR] Keenan Allen had a great block on a run play and everybody was excited for it. They know Keenan and what he's all about, and then he goes and does that. That brings tremendous energy to a team. I think Derwin has that presence, too, because he is so big and and physical. When he has a hit, people know how explosive he is and I think that raises the energy level."

On what guys on the roster bubble can do this final week of the preseason:

"I think the big thing for them is if they can keep this game from being a distraction. If they go out there and go, 'I'm on the bubble. This is my chance. What happens if I don't do well? What happens if I do well? How many guys are behind me?' If they do that, they generally don't play very well. If they can just go out there and really play how they practice and go about it that way, we've had many guys [because of] this last game make the team. We've also had guys, because of this game, not make the team. Generally, the ones that don't make it that are on the bubble, they are just really distracted. That was our message to our guys. [We said], 'Hey, I know there are a lot of things going on with this game. It's another game. It's a great opportunity for you. Your mindset going into it has to be clear. What do you need to accomplish?' Many of them, if they would just play up to their capabilities, they'll be in good shape the ones that are on the bubble."

On how veterans help players on the bubble this week:

"I think not only vets, but the coaching staff. A guy like [Assistant Defensive Line Coach] Eric Henderson on our staff. He played, he was on the bubble and he can relate to them. Anybody that can relate to them can say, 'Okay, here's what I did and this is what I did wrong.' The veterans are great. They've been awesome this whole preseason. We'll even need them more this game."