Chargers Coach Lynn: "We get to see exactly where we are as a football team."

Coach Lynn speaks to the media before practice.

On TE Antonio Gates:

You know, he ran around. He looked fine. Still not quite sure what type he's in. Today's he's going to get more reps and we'll have a better idea after today's practice.

On DE Joey Bosa:

He was limited yesterday and we'll see. I mean, Joey he'll be ready when he's ready.

On Bosas availability for Sunday:

It's a possibility he might not be with us, you know. We're hopeful, but it's possible.

On the length of Bosas recovery:

Foot injuries, they take on all the body weight. That can be tricky something you don't want to rush. You want to make sure that's right before a player comes back.

On if Gates can take a hit from an NFL defender:

Well hit him today. Well find out.

On Gates embracing practice:

It's like he's never left, actually. Yesterday, he was running around with the guys and it was like I hadn't seen this guy since January but it's like he never left, to be honest with you. He fits right in.

On if he was surprised at Gates ability in practice:

I shouldn't say surprised. I was glad to see him getting in and out of cuts, but I wasn't surprised.

On carrying over the culture from last season:

Well, at this point I'm tired of talking about it. Hopefully I can show you on Sunday and we're going to find out one way or the other. That's what makes this week so great. We get to open up with the division champs and we get to see exactly where we are as a football team culture and everything.

On S Derwin James:

He looks good in practice. It's a little different for the rookies because now we're game-plan specific and they have to learn a lot in a couple days. So, some of those guys were a little slow yesterday, but you expect those guys to get better each and every day.

On what hes expecting from James this Sunday:

He has to show up and make plays. That's what he did in preseason. He had an excellent camp. He's going to have plenty of opportunities.

On James having multiple responsibilities:

He played that open side-in in college. So that's kind of natural to him. He didn't play the open side-in for us. We put him on the other side where his biggest learning curve is at linebacker. He's at the huddle position, which some people call the Sam linebacker, that's the biggest curve and I think he's handled that well.

On how Gates allows the offense to expand the playbook:

Having him back for two days, it doesn't do a whole lot right now. We're going in with our normal game plan [whether] Antonio is playing or not. So, with [TE] Virgil [Green] and [TE] Sean Culkin, [we] have a lot of confidence in those two and what they can do. We're just going to see if Antonio can help add to that this week.

On what he expects carries to be for RB Melvin Gordon III and RB Austin Ekeler:

You never know. It depends on the flow of the game. If it's one of those games where we're running the ball quite a bit, we'll get more carries. If it's one of those games where we're throwing it, I love Melvin as a wide receiver he was second on our team last year on receptions Melvin will probably stay in the game more and we definitely have a role for Austin.

On Ekeler potentially being more of an impact player this season:

You can say that, but theres still only one football and there are a lot of guys that earned the right to touch it. I just hope he can make the plays that he can make when we call his number.

On his trust in Ekeler:

I do trust him, no doubt about it. I started trusting him more last year. [He was] a guy coming in here, earning the job on this team the way he did through special teams and how he played throughout the preseason, he definitely earned all of our trust.