Bradley on Preparing for the OAK Offense

Chargers DC talks with the media about preparing for Raiders

Opening Statement:

“Another big challenge this week facing an offense that has a lot of playmakers on the offensive side. I believe they're second in total yards. They're 13th in points, I believe. So they've done a good job with all their playmakers. I had the opportunity to be with [Raiders Head] Coach [Jon] Gruden back in Tampa Bay, so there is a relationship there, and with a number of guys on their staff — [Raiders Offensive Line Coach] Tom Cable, [Raiders Offensive Coordinator] Greg Olsen, so they do a great job coaching this group. I think when you watch them on tape, you see that they distribute the ball really well to allow their guys, and they're being effective doing it. So it’s a good challenge. I think when they're really rolling is when they have the opportunity to run the ball, and [Raiders RB] Marshawn Lynch looks like he's playing better than when we've seen him in the past. He's really rushing the ball well. I know [he’s had] a number of carries. I think he's high up there within the league and obviously yards after contact. So good challenge for our defense.”

On RB Marshawn Lynch this year compared to last year:

“I'm not sure [what’s different]. He ran pretty well last year, too, for them — but the yards after contact. Every week, we look at running backs, running styles. The number of clips we can find to show our guys his running style and the yards after contact, he's just running very angry. You can tell that. I think that's been picked up by our team.”

On the importance of getting to Lynch early on a run:

“Yeah, you can see his speed. We showed a couple clips today. The Detroit game, preseason Cleveland — it was a toss on the edge, he went for long yards. Obviously, when he gets going and has some space — and he can create space out of the zone too — he's a guy that attacks the edges, he'll run through the middle. We've got to confine that space. Setting the edge is going to be really important just to try not to let him get going because we're going to need everybody to get him down.”

On the importance of tackling against Lynch’s running style:

“I think he runs so strong and has the ability to use the stiff arm, so I think we've been talking — we haven't each week, but the tackling plan. What is effective and what doesn't work with his style.”

On moving S Derwin James around:

“Yeah, I mean, we move him around quite a bit I guess if you look at the past couple games. To get different looks at our offense maybe in coverage-wise, putting it all together — where is he going to be and where are some of our other guys going to be?”

On using Derwin James as a bandit:

“We have in the past and at times, he'll be that guy.”

On DT Corey Liuget:

“He came back and was excited to be back. He's got fresh legs, you can tell that. So he's obviously been working out pretty heavily over this timeframe. It was great to see him come back. His attitude's great, his work ethic is great, and he's in shape ready to go.”

On if Liuget could start on Sunday:

“You know what? We haven't talked about that, but you should see him play.”

On defensive third down situations:

“That's a good point. If you look at last week, there was that long drive that they had. We played man coverage, we played zone coverage, we played pressure. We did some other things to mix it up, trying to find out what would be effective. So I felt like we were getting pressure on the quarterback, and he did a good job getting rid of it and made some timely throws. So I think we just need to look at how can we play even tighter coverage. I think there are going to be times of that. Obviously, we're a pretty heavy zone team, so we've got to tighten up our zone coverage. There is a lot of space. I think now if you're looking at teams, they're really utilizing the whole field. With that at times, there are some windows when you play zone coverage, so you hope your rush can get there so that there's not a long period of time to see those windows.”

On if Derwin James playing multiple positions has slowed his playing speed down:

“I would say, no, it hasn't. I've been really impressed with him. I know that was a question during training camp, but there is nothing that's come up that tells me we're overloading him. I don't sense that at all with him. If you put some different things in, some different looks, he's quick to pick it up. He understands why and he's still playing fast with it.”

On if Derwin James has traits of Seahawks S Earl Thomas and former S Kam Chancellor:

“Well, I don't know. It's always really hard to compare. I think when you look at Derwin, he's very explosive — and I think his instincts, he's a very instinctive player. So when you watch tape or on the field, boy, you really feel the speed. He's fast in the first place, but I think that playing speed feels fast. It's hard to compare them because at times they're different in how they play the position — but both of those two, I hope he has a lot of qualities of those two because that means he's going to have a great career.”

On how Derwin James’ quickness helps when rushing the passer:

“I think we look at trying to utilize everybody's skill set. On third down is what you're talking about. So I think we look at our guys, see what they can do well and try to put them in those positions the best as possible. So he's a guy that can cover pretty well. He can pressure pretty well and he can play the middle third pretty well. So I think if you're talking about him utilizing his skill set, but we've got other guys that have great skill sets, too. I think we've got to look at the big picture.”

On Raiders QB Derek Carr:

“You know what? I think with him, with the run game when it's really going, it helps him. I think what stands out is his completion percentage. I mean, he is completing a lot of passes. If you just pull up the games and put up completions, you see a lot of completions in a row where he's rolling. So I think he's No. 1 in the AFC in completion percentage right now and it shows up over 70 percent. So when he has time and is in a rhythm he's been very, very effective. I think he's been playing very effective. I'm sure there are a few in the Miami game that he looks at, there were interceptions he wishes he had back, but overall, he's playing at a high level.”

On S Jaheel Addae playing more free safety:

“With Jahleel, he's playing both now. You'll see him in the box. You'll see him in the back end and I think that you're seeing that. With both those safeties, they should be interchangeable and have the flexibility to do that. So the disadvantage of it is you've got to split time and working on both of the techniques. Last year with [Cardinals S] Tre [Boston], he was a complete free safety and worked on those techniques over and over again. We're putting more on Jahleel's plate now.”

On the safeties having a lot on their plate:

“Yeah, both Jahleel and [S Adrian] AP [Phillips] — both of those guys because the versatility that they give us and the flexibility. When you move Derwin [James] around, you're moving other people around. So it falls on their plate, but that's what you appreciate about those guys. Not only are they good players, but intelligent players and it gives us that flexibility.”

On how the Raiders offense has changed since last season:

“Well, I mean, the tight end. I think how involved the tight end is. [Raiders TE Jared Cook] is a big man, [which helps with] his yards after contact. They have no issues dumping it down to him. There was a third-and-12, and I think they dumped it to him at five yards, and he got the first down because he is such a physical presence. You talk about tackling and playing for Marshawn [Lynch], him as well. So I think they're utilizing him. I think they're really spreading the ball around. They’ve had multiple times where guys have had 100-yard games receiving, and it might be different guys each week. So just the ability to spread it around, utilizing the tight end and running game and how it's going. There is a reason why they're second in yardage in the NFL.