Anthony Lynn on the London Injury Report

Chargers HC Anthony Lynn addresses the media in London after Friday's practice about the final injury report.

Opening statement:

"Good evening. Well, we haven't been on the ground very long, but I have to tell you the hospitality has been outstanding so far. We're the home team and it feels like a home game even. Hopefully we can wake up in time and put on a good show. Any questions?"

On Friday's practice:

"I thought practice picked up as it went on. We started out a little slow. We even started out a little different. We ran some gassers in the beginning just to wake guys up a little bit and get their legs back underneath them. We're just trying to pump water into the guys and get them hydrated. It was a long flight, but it ended up being a pretty crisp practice."

On the hamstring injury for RB Melvin Gordon III:

"I think it was just sore. We had a long plane ride. He probably didn't drink enough water. We were just being extra cautious with him and we just held him out today. It would have been the third practice that he has been on field turf. With his knees and ankles, I don't think that's good for him at all, so we just held him out."

On Gordon's availability for Sunday:

"I believe so. He was limited today, but we'll see."

On the benefit of staying in Cleveland:

"Staying over in Cleveland was a much shorter plane ride than going back to California. It could have created some distractions for guys staying in a city that they just played in, but our guys handled it very well — using Baldwin Wallace's facilities, I appreciate them opening their arms up and letting us use their place. It wasn't home, but we made the most of it. We got two good days of practice. We got on the plane and flew out there. We just thought, through research, that was the best plan."

On any team bonding in Cleveland:

"It's interesting that you say that because we did have a team building activity and had 100 percent participation. I thought the guys liked it a lot. It was encouraging. The feedback was positive."

On the team building activity:

"Well, I left that up to my sports psychologist. The coaches get the hell out of the room and let the players talk and do their own thing. Everyone says it went really well."

On K Caleb Sturgis:

"Caleb is going to have to get a lot better. He didn't kick much this week. [K Michael Badgley] kicked a lot this week. I think it would be smart to go into the bye and just give him another week. Don't rush this and get him healthy."

On WR Travis Benjamin:

"He'll be a game-time decision. We had this a couple of weeks ago where he was a game-time decision and he lasted one play, then was gone [for the game]. We definitely don't want that to happen again. We're really thinking hard about that one."

On LB Jatavis Brown:

"He's a game-time decision as well. He was very limited this week. I just don't want guys to go into a game and play a quarter or a play and be done. We'll continue to look at him."

On seeing Wembley Stadium:

"We played there three years ago when I was with the Bills, so I've been on that field before. I didn't get to see it much today, but it's an exciting stadium. There's a lot of history at that place. Guys are fired up to play there."

On the crowd on his last trip to London:

"I remember the proud being pretty good. I think we were the visiting team — we were playing the Jaguars — but the crowd was pretty good."

On the European fans:

"It was a fun crowd. Sometimes, there was a constant buzz. I think they were into it. I think, as long as you're putting on a good show, they'll be into it."

On the importance to a quick start on Sunday:

"We've always emphasized quick starts. Whether we do it or not is another story, but we try to get off to a quick start every single week. I don't think anybody wants to start slow."