QB Philip Rivers: "The name of the game is points."

QB Philip Rivers speaks to the media following Chiefs vs Chargers

On having assessed the offense overall:

I think its like we always say, shoot for yards and great time possession. The way we ran it and threw it we had over 70-something plays, I guess. A lot of things to get you excited, but ultimately its about scoring. We left too many out there. Its crazy to say you left too many out there when we had 500 and however many of yards on offense we had. Today we should have thrown for 600, which is crazy to say. We should have thrown for 600 yards in an NFL game. We just didnt get it done. I had a couple just a hair underthrown. We had a couple we didnt bring down. We had a turnover down in there. That all affected points. The name of the game is points. As I said we should have had 600 yards and whoever knows how many more yards. Youve got to score. Youve got to score more than the other team and we didnt get that done today.

On if this feels like this is a game that they let get away:

I mean in a way, but at the same time you have to give the [Kansas City] Chiefs credit. They won the football game. They, on the flipside, made those plays to win the game. Im always careful to say, We lost this one, because there was an opponent over there. We did do some self-inflicting things. Its hard to get guys wide open and when you mess up like I did a few, when you drop a few like I know our guys will tell you. I think thats what makes me, or one of the things, that makes me love this group, is that we can all stand and look at each other and say who should have made what play and who shouldnt have. Thats good. Im super fired up about this year because theres not going to be many times you can miss four touchdowns and turn the ball over down the red zone, drop a punt inside the 10, get a 90-yard punt return on you and really, all that said, it should have been a three-point game with three time outs left with a minute to play. Were going to be just fine.

On the pick he threw:

It got kind of jacked up, the whole play did, because they brought inside pressure, dropped in, and [WR] Tyrell [Williams] which after looking at it made the right choice he ran the shadow route by running around over the top of it instead of underneath. [Kansas City Chiefs S] Ron Parker, thats a guy we have played against a lot, and he read the play. He just did a nice job, a single safety of really cheat, cheat, cheating, and I just didnt get my eyes back up to see him. I thought it was safe when I let it go obviously, or I wouldnt have thrown it. That was another open that we turned the ball over, which is going to hurt you.

On WR Mike Williams getting going later in the day:

I think it was just as the day got going. They played a little more tempo too. Mike ran and did a nice job on some big ins. Maybe made some catches. He really ran strong too. You saw on some of those catches, a little stroke went in some things and trying to get him another one up high down the boundary. Mikes going to help us. We have so many guys, as you saw today, that will have a ton of opportunities to help. Keenan [Allen] went over 100 yards today in receiving, but really, if you make all the throws and the catches that we had, we may have had three or four guys over 100 yards receiving, including [RB] Melvin [Gordon III]. Its one of those games that youre sick that you let it get away because you didnt make all the plays that you really dream about making. Those are the ones that you dream about making. Its the short ones to get five that you already kind of have stowed away as youre going to make those. Its the, Gosh, were going to get [WR] Travis [Benjamin] on this, then theyre going to do this, then were going to get Tyrell [Williams] for another touchdown. All those things you maybe visualize and didnt make it happen. It does nothing but make me be excited. Im not much of a cycling fan but I compare the NFL season to the Tour De France. Its all the stages, and thats what the NFL season is to me. There are 16 stages you get. You make sure you better win your fair share of them. Its a long deal. Were down. Were down after the first phase and we have a chance in Buffalo to go get a win and go 1-1.

On if when guys drop passes if he makes an effort to go right back to them:

I just keep playing. I mean, shoot, they dont want to drop it, I dont want to miss a throw. Those are things that its not effort, its not want-to, its not assignment, something theyre not doing right. I mean shoot, thats what I mean why I say I love this group. We can all look at it honestly and say who should have made what and who didnt make what. We all had our share. We all had our share today and thats why its the ultimate team game. This team [Kansas City Chiefs] has won the division now, for how many in a row, but we know we werent our best today.

On if he talks to a receiver when he sees a drop:

No, I dont. Maybe thats just my quarterback philosophy, but if I dropped one I wouldnt want to have somebody tell me, Come on, make the catch. We know. Just like somebody tells me, Come on, you have to make that throw. I know, and I think the receivers know me, we know each other well enough that we know. A little too far to Travis [Benjamin], a little too far to Tyrell [Williams] early in the game. The other ones, Tyrell said, Ive got to make it. Its a team deal. Were going to have to play more of those opportunities.

On if he will talk to the younger guys about the bigger picture:

I think no question. Especially when weve never had a handful of rookies playing for us that were in the college world, with this one lost, you would have a long line to make the playoffs. Its not the same. I think Coach [Lynn]s message, our message, was lets get better. We did some things today that you cant do to be the division champ. Lets figure out a way to regroup and get ready to go to Buffalo for their home opener. A tough place to play and get to 1-1. Theres 16 teams that are 1-1 today. There are 16 that are undefeated. Its a long season well not today, there are two more games tomorrow, but there will be. We have a long way to go.

On RB Melvin Gordon III and RB Austin Ekeler:

The guys ran the ball like crazy up front. We couldnt run the ball as much as we would like to because of where the score got there in the fourth quarter, we had to go. When youre down three scores at one point and then youre down two scores under five minutes, you have to throw it just about every snap. The running game was awesome. The guys up front did a great job and I thought Melvin and Austin ran hard. Theyre two guys who are hard to tackle and they compliment each other very well. All in all, you saw how many guys are going to contribute and can contribute. [TE] Virgil [Green] had a big catch, [CB] Casey [Hayward] gets back in the mix, it has the chance to be a heck of a year. By no means has this game dampened any aspirations for the season. The only thing it guarantees is that we cant go through the season undefeated. Other than that, everything is still out there.

On Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

I think he has a chance to be a really, really, really awesome player. He has some arm power. Id like to borrow his arm every now and then for some of those throws. He can really throw, and hes really accurate. I hadnt seen a ton of him, but he was really accurate today on some of those balls that just came out. He seems to have that he can throw it from any arm angle and he was poised. He was poised. Hes got a chance, and I just wanted to tell him after the game, whether he wanted to hear it from me or not, that hes got a chance to be really awesome. Just be steady and keep going. Hes still a young player. He was solid today.

On having TE Antonio Gates back:

It was great to have him out there. In a way, it was as if he never left. We hadnt been through any games really, except for preseason, without him. At the same time, its like getting something back that you thought was gone forever. It was good to have him out there. A big two-point play. He had some other catches he made, too. I think the way he finished last year, it obviously showed he had a little more juice left in the tank. Obviously with Hunter [Henry]s knee injury the need was out there to add some depth to the tight end group. I honestly think he has more juice right now than he did at the end of last year, which makes sense because he was able to be fresh all preseason and all training camp.

On why he is confident they will have a better start this season compared to last season:

I just think were further along than we were last year at that point. I think last year at that point we were still a little bit snake bit of how we lost to many games the previously two years, 4-12 and 5-11, then you come out and you lose the same way to Denver [Broncos], Miami [Dolphins]. Then KC [Kansas City Chiefs], youre turning over three games then Philly [Philadelphia Eagles] comes in here and its tight but they win. It was kind of a little bit the same old story and then we kind of got rid of that. I feel like we kind of got rid of that the last 12 games last year. We still have to go do it, but theres so many good things that we did today, other than score, which is the most important, that gives me all the confidence in the world that this could be an awesome season.

On making mistakes being the determining factor in losing so many games to the Chiefs.

I think so, I mean its the boring reason why but I think so because theres nothing unbelievable schematically either side is doing. I mean we are trying to do all we can to gain yards and do a lot of great things and I feel like weve done that and they played the same defense they played today that they have for all nine of the contests for the most part. That is what they do. [Chiefs Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Bob] Sutton is a heck of a defensive coordinator and they have some different guys this year, but I think thats the case and our leader has been in total offense against Tennessee. We had our fair share of runs against them as well, where I think it was the same sort of deal. We made lots of mistakes, I think thats somewhat football, if you win the turnover battle, which we didnt, and you win the kicking game, you have a chance, you have a heck of a chance to win and we lost both of those today and we all contributed to that.

On the makeup of the fans compared to last year:

Again, weve got to control what we can control. We are thankful for every fan, blue and gold out there in the stadium cheering us on. I felt the atmosphere just fine and the more we score more than the other team, the better that will get. I think we saw that last season as the year went. I think this isnt the start we wanted but we can quickly get that turned around next Sunday.

On if it is possible to overthrow Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill:

Yeah, we got a couple, too, that are tough to overthrow. I just couldnt believe they were out of reach. I dont know, I mean they can. I mean that guy, Tyreek Hill, is unbelievable to watch. What a dynamic player. I dont want to make any too crazy of statements, but he is one of the most dynamic guys. I dont know if Ive seen anybody better, the things he can do speed-wise, in all my time playing.


On Head Coach Anthony Lynns message to the team:

Just [that there were] a lot of plays that we left out on the field. [We] shot ourselves in the foot. [There was] bad execution. We just have to clean some things up.

On the Chiefs as a team:

Very good football team. Thats what they have shown every time we have played them. They dont beat themselves, dont make mistakes and do a good job of managing the game.

On the multiple dropped passes:

Very uncharacteristic. We just have to clean it up. It happens. We just have to be able to move on.

On being called out of bounds:

I still dont even know if I went out of bounds. It is supposed to be a penalty if I did go out of bounds and catch the ball.

On moving on to Buffalo:

Just keep going. First game, its a long season. Its early in the year. We just have to keep going. Well find it.


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