Coach Lynn: "We gave them too much and they outplayed us.”

Coach Lynn speaks to the media following Chiefs vs Chargers

Opening Statement:

We couldnt have asked for a better opponent to start out with. Our division champs to come in here the first week just to tell us exactly where were at. A team like that, you cant give them anything. You have to take everything, and we didnt do that. We gave them too much and they outplayed us.

On the dropped passes:

We had four passes dropped today. I think a couple of those might have been touchdowns. Plays that we need to make. Plays that we have to make.

On if there was a reason for the dropped passes:

No. We just have to make those plays.

On special teams performance:

Were going to watch the tape to find out exactly what happened, but we lost containment. We know hes [Kansas City WR Tyreek Hill] one of the fastest guys in the country and we lost containment. He made us pay. Thats something weve emphasized weve worked. We knew Tyreek was going to be back there. He was back there last year. I dont think he got 10-yards last year back there. We just didnt execute today.

On why they punted to Hill:

If you noticed, we punted it far left. We were trying to make it hard for him. If he was going to come back across the field, surely someone could get there and make a play, but we didnt get it done.

On WR JJ Jones performance:

JJ has been back there all preseason and has done a heck of a job. Hes a physical runner. Hes fast. Hes handled the ball extremely well, and today he just made a bad mistake.

On if he will keep Jones in special teams:

He made this team because he can score points. Were looking for guys who can score points. Thats pretty important, so just because he made one mistake does not mean were going to give up on that young man. Not at all.

On Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes:

I thought he played well. He got rid of the ball. He didnt pressure it, and if we did, he got rid of the ball before we could get to him. He created.

On if they needed to see more of Mahomes to create a defensive plan:

We had an idea of what Patricks skill set was. Patrick showed us today. He can move in the pocket. He can read his own read stuff. He can get down, protect himself and has a strong arm.

On T Joe Barksdale injury status:

No update yet.

On if Barksdales injury could be significant:

Like is said, I have no idea right now.

On if he missed DE Joey Bosa:

Hes one of our best players, so yeah, we missed him. But we had enough to get it done. Isaac Rochell stepped up. Hes been playing well the whole year. Well see how he played on tape tomorrow, but we had enough to get it done. Its not an excuse, but we definitely missed Joey.

On Bosas injury status:

Right now, its week to week. Soon as we hear back from his doctors and second opinion, then we can put together a plan and see where were at, but right now hes week to week.

On if hes disappointed:

Im very disappointed. Anytime we lose Im very disappointed, and here on my home field. This would have done a lot for our football team to win this game against these guys, but we have 15 games left and were going to get better. This is a long season, so were not down by any means.

On leaving G Forest Lamp inactive:

Hes not ready.

On why Lamp wasnt ready:

He hasnt played football in 18 months. He played that fourth preseason game, but hes just not there yet.

On the defenses performance against Mahomes:

There were times we put some pressure on him, but it wasnt enough. When we did, he moved around and made a play. Anytime we gave him a chance to extend plays, hes at home. He did that all through his college days. We just didnt get enough pressure on him.

On why there were so many dropped passes:

It can be just guys putting pressure on themselves trying to make a play and wanting to make a play for their team. No. Theyre not trying to drop those passes. I understand that. I think the heat could have played a factor. We have to [work on] our conditioning. I thought we were in pretty good shape coming into this game, but both teams got a little tired.

On RB Melvin Gordon and RB Austin Ekeler:

I thought those two played well from what I could see on the sidelines. I thought they complimented each other really well and [we] had a nice rotation with those two.

On WR Mike Williams not receiving any action the first half:

Were always going to throw the football and [QB Philip] Phil [Rivers] does a good job of throwing to what the defense gives. If they didnt give it to Mike, then Im sure thats the reason why. You can scheme a guy and get him open. Mike has definitely had a good camp and I thought he did some things very well in the second half, so well see what happened.

On S Derwin James performance:

Like I said, I need to evaluate him and watch some tape before I say if he played well or played bad. I think he made some plays form the sideline. You can see his speed and length and thats why we brought him here for games like this.


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