Coach Lynn: "They all contributed today, but you can’t say enough about Philip"

Head Coach Anthony Lynn speaks to the media following 45-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Opening Statement:

“They played a complete football game today. They signed up to play for four quarters, and that’s what they did. It wasn’t all pretty. They started out a little slow, but we made some adjustments, guys responded, they executed, and we came away with the win.”

On RB Melvin Gordon III’s injury:

“His knee is swollen right now. We don’t know exactly what it is. We’ll get a full evaluation tomorrow, and we’ll go from there.”

On if it’s the same knee Gordon has been dealing with:

“No. This was the opposite.”

On if he had any concerns on that play:

“No. Not really. That’s a play we’ve had in for a long time, and we’ve been trying to get it called in a game. Melvin loves the play. We weren’t taking our foot off the gas pedal. It’s a play that if we get around the perimeter, he would still be running. They made a heck of a play and hit us in the backfield.”

On if he tweaks the game plan when QB Philip Rivers has a hot hand:

“No. I think the reason why you start out like that is because you’re a balanced team. You’re running the football. You’re throwing the football. You’re throwing screens. You’re keeping them off guard — special plays — and I think that’s why you’re able to complete those plays like that. Guys were getting opening and making plays for him, too. There were some great catches out there today.”

On if he’s concerned with Gordon’s availability moving forward:

“Hopefully what happened there is not serious. Like I said, I don’t know the extent of the injury right now. If he has to miss some time — he’s a starting running back in this league and if you can get him for 14 or 15 games that’s pretty good. His durability has been pretty good this year.”

On if DE Joey Bosa is fully healthy:

“He looked like it today. He had a couple sacks today. He had more snaps. I think the more he plays the better he’s going to get.”

On if this is one of the best games he’s seen Rivers play in:

“He was hot. Like I said, guys were protecting up front for the most part. We had a couple sacks, but guys were getting open, too. They were separating and making catches. There were some catches guys made, catching it on the right hip. They all contributed today, but you can’t say enough about Philip and what he did today because when you prepare the way he prepares, you’re going to have some days like this.”

On the defensive stand following the lost fumble:

“Like I said, after those first 12 minutes of the game, our defense was hot. That drive where they did the sudden [momentum] change, that was huge for our football team — the momentum right there, it just shifted on our sidelines. That was huge.”

On WR Mike Williams’ performance:

“That’s what we expect from Mike. He’s a 50/50 guy. He can go up. He can jump out the gym. He can go out and get the ball, and that’s what he’s been doing all year. He’s been doing it in training camp. He’s been doing it in practice. It’s not a surprise for us to see him to do it in a game.”

On TE Sean Culkin’s reception:

“That’s probably his first catch all year, including the preseason. He was open, and it just goes to show, when you’re doing the right things and working your tail off like he does — he took advantage of the opportunity and went up and got the ball and made a heck of a catch.”

On the defense switching gears after two scoring drives:

“No. We signed up to play for four quarters. Like I said, that was just 12 minutes of the game. For 48 minutes, that defense was playing pretty dang good.”