QB Rosen - 'We Will Right The Ship, I Promise'

QB Josh Rosen Postgame Press Conference vs Raiders

QB Josh Rosen speaks with the media after Sunday's loss to Oakland where he had three touchdown passes and two interceptions.

On what steps need to be taken to win:

“I think a lot of it is just the mental errors across the board on offense and defense. I know I had a bunch. Just little mental errors that aren’t a part of the game plan. Dumb little things we just have to clean up overall.”

On how a team can be making these mistakes 10 games in:

“That’s why it’s an issue that was brought up because it’s very late in the season. That’s a good point.”

On how frustrating making those mistakes is for him:

“It’s frustrating. And we’re working on it. You either quit or you don’t quit. I promise you we won’t.”

On what he thought happened to the offense in the second and third quarters:

“We just didn’t execute a lot of things. I can’t recall the whole two quarters, but I just remember being frustrated with a lot of little things. No disrespect to the Raiders, but we feel as though we were the better football team there. That’s why this one was really frustrating.”

On if growing pains are inevitable with so many offensive rookies playing:

“Yeah, if all the mistakes were all the rookies, but it was across the board with everyone. I’m not excluding myself. I made plenty. I dropped a snap. I haven’t done that since high school.”

On whether their errors were caused by a lack of focus:

“I don’t know. We’re going to figure that out and address it in this week.”

On how the team gets past this loss:

“Mental toughness. We’ve been dealing with adversity our whole lives. A lot of these guys in the locker room shouldn’t be here for a lot of reasons. We’ve got a lot of high-character guys that have been dealing with adversity their whole lives and this is nothing to them. I know we’ll push past and keep going.”

On if the loss stings more because they were favored to win:

“I don’t really think it matters who the opponent is. It’s kind of just how we lost. We kind of had that game. If there’s an expression that exists of finding a way to lose, I think it applies here. We found a way to lose. Antoine (Bethea) said it to a tee. We have to find a way to win.”

On how they learn to win:

“We obviously don’t have the answers right now, but we’ll search this week. It’s got to do with everything from preparation, to film study, to your tempo in practice and approaching everything at a full go. I don’t have an answer for you because if I had it, we wouldn’t have lost. I know we will address it and continue to push forward.”

On what he saw in TE Jermaine Gresham’s unnecessary roughness penalty:

“I don’t want to say anything in ignorance of the situation because I only saw so little of it. From my understanding, a dude was lying on top of Larry (Fitzgerald). He’s one of the best football players to ever grace this field and the NFL is lucky to have him. If you’re just going to lie on him and be disrespectful, that’s just not going to fly especially with Jermaine on your team. Push and shove me, whatever. That’s Mr. Fitzgerald. Don’t do that. I don’t care what situation or whatever. Our guys on our team, we’re going to stay together and we got each other’s backs.”

On if that penalty shows the team’s closeness:

“I don’t know. You can take that quote however you want.”

On what he saw to audible in the screen touchdown pass to WR Christian Kirk:

“They were giving us a pressure look when we were in empty. When you’re in empty, usually you want to identify who you’re hot off of. When you’re walking around like that sometimes it gets a little tricky. I knew even if they didn’t blitz, they were out of position to play a screen on the left. They were overloaded on the right. Back in college I learned the “MFer” rule. If there are a lot of MFers over there, go that way.”

On what his issues were with the deep ball tonight:

“The guy on the very first play of the game just made a really good play. It was two-on-two. We had a guy clearing out and Larry (Fitzgerald) is running a deeper out route. When Larry’s in the right position, sometimes you just have to give him a chance to get the ball. I didn’t see through the corner and he just fell off and made a really good play. On a couple other deep balls, you just miss on some of them.”

On why he performs so well in fourth quarters while down:

“I’d prefer to win early in the game. This is not by choice. You just have to deal with any and every situation as it is. I like watching close games a lot more than I like playing in them, but you have to do what you have to do.”

On if he was surprised that RB David Johnson’s touchdown was called back:

“I definitely had no idea it was getting called back until I saw the flag, but I can’t really judge until I see the film of it. I’m not going to slight a ref’s call.”

On if RB David Johnson’s long runs were a bright spot tonight: “For sure. Absolutely. I think it is a bright spot.”

On how the mood in the offensive huddle was tonight:

“Thought it was a good mood and we started to stall in the middle two quarters. The mood kind of turned, but it never turned to anything more than determination. It’s never anything negative. We have a really good attitude on this team. We’ll right the ship. I promise.”