Coach Steve Wilks: "I will say this, everybody will be evaluated."

Cardinals Head Coach Steve Wilks – Rams Vs. Cardinals- September 16, 2018

(On team injuries)

Im going to start with the injuries. No major or serious injuries. (WR) Larry (Fitzgerald) had a minor hamstring, I wanted to pull him. As we all saw, the game was out of reach at the end. I didnt want to put him in situation where it could get worse. We will evaluate that tomorrow and see exactly where he is in regards to that. But again when you look at the game, its a little deja vu from last week. We got behind, found ourselves in a situation where we were trailing. I thought we were doing some good things early as far as running the football, did a good job earlier stopping the run. We just couldn't find ourselves making a play. When they start passing the ball, we were in position a couple of times and a couple times we didn't overlap and slice as we should have. So a lot of things that we need to address moving forward across the board, personnel, everything - scheme. We'll look to do that as we get back on Monday. And with that I'll take your questions.

(On what the problems is on offense and if he is considering a change in the quarterback position)

You know its so many, I don't even know where to start right now. Weve got to do a much better job running the football. Weve got to do a much better job protecting. Receivers got to get off the jam at the line of scrimmage. Weve got to convert on third down. Were going to go back and evaluate things as a coaching staff. Evaluate the players. Make sure that we have the best guys out there and put them in the right position to make plays moving forward.

(On if he would consider a change in the quarterback position or if the problems run deeper than that)

I think, again, you have to evaluate with everything. I think when you look at the situation in all three phases that's what we're going to do. I'm not going to sit here and jump to conclusions right now, right after the game. We are going to go back and evaluate the film. Definitely, as I said before, look as personnel, look at what we are doing - offense, defense special teams - and come up with the best game plan.

(On if it is possible to fix the offense in one week)

I think you can. I think you have to find ways, number one, you have to find a way to generate positive plays on first and second down, so we dont find ourselves in a third-and-long type situation. Again, from a stand point of coming off the ball, running it early, receivers on third down creating some separation, and then we have to connect.

(On considering going to QB Josh Rosen)

Again, Im not going to sit here and say right after the game what we are going to do from a personnel standpoint. But I will say this, everybody will be evaluated.

(On if he thought about playing QB Josh Rosen today)

No, not at all.

(On how good the Rams are)

Pretty good. Real good football team. Well-coached. (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) does a tremendous job. (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) does an outstanding job. You know they definitely have talent and the personnel, a good football team.

(On what the Rams were doing offensively that made it tough to stop)

I really think once again when you look at it, we did a good job early on stopping the run. You know, the play action passes. We just couldn't find ourselves in position to finish. Again, I think it's just third down. Missing tackles there, we hadnt stopped. We just got to find a way to get off the field on third down.

(On how having offensive issues put pressure on the defense)

I'm not now go sit here and put it on either side. Number one, we could do a much better job sustaining drives and moving the chains and getting them off the field on third down and giving the ball back to the offense. As I just stated in there, everybody needs to check themselves. We are going to do that as we watch this tape and find a way to win a football game.

(On why QB Josh Rosen wasnt in consideration for today)

I think when you look at the climate of the game and how it was going, I dont know if he was going to make a major difference there. Again, it wasnt just one guy. It was several, on both sides of the ball in all three phases. So again we will evaluate personnel moving forward and see exactly what we need to do next week as far as putting the best guys on the field.

(On what he wanted to see better from QB Sam Bradford)

Number one, across the board, I think we've got a connect a little bit more, completions. Now, was that completely (QB) Sam (Bradford)? Sometimes right here, he was running for his life. So we have to a better job protecting him. Receivers have to create separation and they have to come back to the ball. So again, its not just one guy. Everybody has to look at themselves and say, What can I do to make this team better?

(On getting CB Patrick Peterson involved with the blitz)

It was really based off the call and the formation. Who's coming in that particular situation and he came quite a bit based off a lot of the amount of splits and things that they were doing. He came up with a big play, which I thought we needed that when they were going in and had a little bit of momentum and we stopped them that was great. Again, we just couldn't capitalize off of it.

(On the trickiest part of defending the Rams)

I think the number one thing you have to do is stop the run. You have to stop (RB Todd) Gurley. When you make them somewhat one dimensional, which is hard to do, you know you've got to find ways to make plays in the passing game. Again, create negative plays on first and second down and get these guys in the third-and-long. When they operate on third and short, and they do a tremendous job converting on third down. Its hard to stop them