Todd Monken: Mike Evans is a ‘Handful’ for Opponents at His Best

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken spoke to the media on Wednesday of Week 13.

(On how wide receiver Mike Evans has improved this year)

“Some of that I think Mike – coming through the offseason, I think you saw he’s doing a better job taking care of his body. There’s been previous offseasons, even before I got here, where he might pull something and that takes time away. Mike, for as good a player as he is – like every player they need to practice. They need to work at their craft. They need to be full speed. Mike is very athletic. Mike is very competitive, but when his body starts to break down in his mind he’s not that. I think that’s the big part of it is Mike has been able to practice. When Mike practices and he is feeling good – his body’s feeling good – he’s a handful.”

(On where he’s seen wide receiver Adam Humphries make improvements in the red zone)

“Just opportunities. I think we talked about that before. Adam, has he improved? Yes, like all of our players, but I wouldn’t say it’s as dramatic as certain players I’ve seen and their improvement. I just think he’s always been there. Some of the opportunities have come up for him that didn’t in the past. The touchdown we scored against Carolina four weeks ago, we had the exact same play against Pittsburgh down on the other end – he slipped. It was the exact same play, he slipped. Is that improvement he kept his footing? I don’t know. We just didn’t execute it very well. I think he’s a good football player. There’s certain things we’re doing that is – I wouldn’t say all the time like last week’s touchdown, you don’t anticipate the scramble, throwing the middle of the field he’s going to score. I think there’s certain times where we’ve put him in better positions to make plays and showcase his ability.”

(On the biggest challenge of facing the Panthers for a second time this season)

“I think for both teams, you have the film that you played the first time, what are things that they did well and they’re going to continue to do well? What are the thing we did well or didn’t do well? Both ends of it. It’s a chess match in terms of we’ve played before. On either side of the ball, what are we going to see? If you played really well, the thought is, ‘Why wouldn’t we continue to do that?’ But what are they going to do to adjust? The things we did against them, successful or not successful, what do we have to change? But we are who we are. You can’t change everything. You have to feature the players that give you the best chance to score and you’ve got to feature that plays that you run well and the things you do well and just do them better.”