Justin Evans on Tackling Under New NFL Contact Rules

Safety Justin Evans spoke to the media during Training Camp about learning new rules during the preseason.

(On improving the secondary)

"We just try to have a mindset to come out every day and get a little bit better each and every day. Some days, some plays we may bust a few plays, but at the end of the day if we got a little better than we keep stacking and stacking, and keep getting better."

(On if he watched the Chicago-Baltimore game and took note of the plays that were flagged under the new helmet rule)

"I didn't watch it, but I heard about it. We're just going to go through the preseason and figure out exactly how they're going to call it so we can be ready for the regular season."

(On if he has adjusted his tackling due to the new rule)

"You've just got to know not to lead with your crown, facemask up, no head-to-head or really anywhere. If you've got your crown you can't him anywhere, so you've just got to keep your facemask up."

(On his interception during practice)

"We were in one-high and I was just reading the quarterback. I got a good jump on it and made a good play."

(On how much better he is in his second training camp)

"I wasn't doing OTAs when I first came [in 2017], so my last fall camp, that was my first time actually being on the field and running the defense. So it was all new to me. I knew it on the board, but once you get out on the field it's a different story. Going through last year and then this year, I just keep progressing, and I feel like I'm doing a great job. I've just got to keep getting better."

(On how he helps the rookie defensive backs)

"Every mistake that they make, I made, and so has Vern [Hargreaves] and everybody else. We just try to keep encouraging them that you're going to make mistakes but you've just got to learn from it and try not to make it again."

(On how excited he is to play against another team)

"We've been going against each other since Day One, obviously. We're just ready to put on pads so we can take it out on somebody else."