Dirk Koetter on Tony Dungy Visiting Bucs

Head coach Dirk Koetter spoke to the media during Training Camp about Tony Dungy's visit.

(On cornerback Carlton Davis having his left ankle wrapped)

“I think it was his right and left. And both wrists and his knee and his neck. He had a lot of wraps on today.

(On Davis’s injury)

“He’s fine. We had a few guys out today.”

(On having former Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy at practice)

“It’s great to have Coach here. Of course, the press conference with coach going into the Bucs Ring of Honor. It’s rare that you get a guy that’s in Colts Ring of Honor, Bucs Ring of Honor and NFL Hall of Fame. Doesn’t get much bigger than that. Coach spent about 20 minutes talking to the players this morning and who better than a local guy and a guy that does care about the Bucs and was here? He did a phenomenal job and very honored for us to have him here today.”

(On priorities heading to the second preseason game)

“I think mostly when we go work with Tennessee, the two days of practice working against different schemes and different players. What happens when you practice against yourself this much is guys start to cheat off the script a little bit. They know each other’s tendencies. It’s always really good to go against someone you haven’t seen before. That will just carry over from the two days to the game on Saturday night.”

(On Shaheed Salmon covering O.J. Howard)

“They just happened to be in man coverage there, so the linebacker that was covering him that was his man. He actually made a nice play there.”

(On the cornerback depth)

“We’re a little dinged up at corner right now and seems like we get one back and we lose another. The good news is none of them are long term. We’ve yet to have anybody that’s a threat to miss when we go to New Orleans for the opener. We’d love to have everybody out her, but that’s just part of it.”

(On what he’s seen from tight end Antony Auclair)

“Antony, we were fortunate to get him [last year] – undrafted free agent. More of your blocking Y-type tight end, but all these tight ends, they don’t want to be categorized. They want to do everything. They want to be part O.J. Howard, part Cam Brate. Antony’s working hard at his game. He’s been getting some more reps lately and he’s taking advantage of it. His best thing right now is probably his blocking, but he’s working to become all-around”

(On the progression of Alex Cappa at guard)

“Alex Cappa’s working very hard – extremely smart, extremely competitive. We’re happy that he’s here. He’s making the transition form college left tackle for four years to playing at guard. Things happened fast, and he goes against Gerald McCoy about 40 times a day, so he’s getting baptism by fire for sure.”

(On if he thinks Cappa could be a starter)

“Well it’s way too early to say that. I think Alex has got a chance to be a good player, but we’ll see how it works out.”

(On if safety Jordan Whitehead can play downhill)

“I think that’s probably his best thing. When we watched him on his college tape at Pitt one of the things that jumped out is they’re a quarters-based defense and in a quarters defense, you’re really in a nine-man front and those safeties have to fit like linebackers and he definitely showed that. And then the other thing is Pitt played him as a running back sometimes and the way he’d hit it up in there as a runner, we thought he was that type of player. Of course, you can’t really show that when you’re not in pads, so that was really his first chance to show it. We’re excited that he did.”

(On Justin Evans playing as a nickelback in practice)

“Well you got to have flexibility, so I look at those DBs similar to how you look at the wideouts. I mean, Chris Godwin can play four wideout spots. Mike [Evans] can play four wideout spots. We’re getting stressed at our depth at corner right now and nickel, so Justin Evans is becoming one of those guys that has to be able to move around. M.J. Stewart is in that same spot. When you get hit with injuries at one position, we don’t cancel practice. We’ve got to figure something out, so in the long run it builds your depth.”

(On having safeties Jordan Whitehead and Justin Evans in the game at the same time)

“I don’t think it’s that big of a leap. When I’m saying that, it might be one of them playing nickel. That’s no knock on Chris Conte. You’ve got to get your best guys on the field and if your fifth DB (defensive back) is a safety and he’s better than your fourth corner then you’ve got to switch it, or you just might have to in a game because of injury.”

(On the joint practices with Tennessee this week)

“Well we’ve worked with Jacksonville the last two games and since there is construction at our stadium, since we’re playing Jacksonville week four, that just wasn’t conducive. We wanted somewhere that was relatively close. We wanted it in week two, so that means we had to be the road team. There was the down pretty quick. We played the Dolphins week one. They were willing to do it, but we really didn’t want to do it week one. Of course, Jason [Licht’s] relationship with Jon Robinson. We actually had it worked out before the coaching change was made and they honored it, and [Tennessee] Coach [Mike] Vrabel has been great. We’re looking forward to going up there and working with them.”

(On what he wants to gain from the joint practices with the Titans)

“Good work against different schemes and different players. There’s always for the coaches and the players – you don’t have the script. When I have my daily script, I have what both sides of the ball are doing, but when we go to Tennessee I only know what one side is doing. So, that’s how you have to adjust. That’s how it is in real life.”

(On if he is watching this season of Hard Knocks)

”I did watch episode one. You know when we were sitting around the hotel when we were in Miami. I did catch the first episode. We have a long break there in the afternoon. Like I said, I’m a fan of the show. Glad we’re not on it.”

(On if the team is talking about Hard Knocks)

“No. Again, I don’t notice. The players aren’t talking about it every day and there’s not cameras on and everything, but I don’t notice it all – no.”

(On who had a day off today)

“Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] had a day off today. Several guys – we probably had six or seven guys that we held out today because we know we’re going into two hard days in Tennessee. Some of those veteran guys, we gave them some slack today.”

(On using Justin Evans in the game on Saturday)

“We’ll see how that plays out. We’re hoping to get a couple guys back. The thing you’ve got to remember is this isn’t a game where your first group’s not going to play the whole game. You’ve got to have a first nickel group and you’ve got to have a second nickel group. Tennessee’s not going to feel sorry for us. They’re going to run their stuff and we’ve got to be able to match up.


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