Jarvis Landry says Mayfield-Johnson is non-issue, looked downright confused on report about OC

Answering some questions at a camp he was running at Shaker Heights High School, Jarvis Landry downplayed any lasting issue between Baker Mayfield and Duke Johnson, saying the two can co-exist. On the report of issues with Todd Monken as offensive coordinator, Landry almost laughed at the question, noting he wasn't aware of any.

Jarvis Landry took questions at his ProCamp at Shaker Heights High School. The questions he was prepared for, he pretty much stomped out as a non-issue. Landry sees no reason why Baker Mayfield and Duke Johnson cannot co-exist on the Cleveland Browns this season, despite their comments.

Landry went on to note that this is a much bigger deal outside the Browns organization than in it. He denied being one of the veterans that went to Mayfield to reportedly note their displeasure about what he said regarding Duke. Landry's attitude was one where it didn't seem like it needed addressing.

Addressing the other report from Mike Silver of NFL Network, when Landry was asked about issues with Monken, he looked confused, asking who was the source. When he did answer the question, he said he wasn't aware of any issue at all.

He did say that there's an adjustment period when it comes to bringing in a new offensive coordinator, but they were learning from Todd Monken and Freddie Kitchens was doing a great job handling everything.

None of what Landry said is groundbreaking, because neither report rises to the level of being a real issue. They are incredibly minor and in the case of the coaching situation, invented. 

Landry addresses the questions respectfully and thoroughly, but there is an element where he gives the impression these are such non-issues that they are almost a joke. And in the case of the coaching report, he almost did laugh at it.