Willie Wright has qualities Cleveland Browns covet

Cleveland Browns undrafted rookie Willie Wright is making the move from college tackle to NFL center. He has the qualities offensive coach James Campen likes, bears similarity to a previous Campen success.

One of the more interesting players to watch when the Cleveland Browns open up training camp is undrafted rookie Willie Wright. He was a short, squatty right tackle at Tulsa who is making the move and competing for a job as a center. His build and athletic skill set are a great fit at the pivot.

It really seems as though had he gone to a more premier program, he might have been a center immediately and then been drafted as opposed to signed as a rookie free agent.

Wright has enormous legs and a big hind quarters that are the power plant for his strength and he knows how to use them. He's a player who looks to drive and punish opponents when he's able to get his hands on.

He's not only taking a similar path from college to the NFL as current Cleveland Browns center J.C. Tretter, who played left tackle at Cornell, but their athletic traits are very similar. Tretter is a little taller and much sleeker while Wright has great ballast and naturally takes up a ton of space.

J.C. Tretter

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 304 lbs
40-Yard Dash: 5.09s
Broad Jump: 109″
Vertical Jump: 29.5″
3-cone: 7.48s
Shuttle: 4.69s
Bench: 29 reps

Willie Wright

Height: 6'2 5/8"
Weight: 296 lbs
40-Yard Dash: 5.07s
Broad Jump: 114″
Vertical Jump: 33″
3-cone: 7.57s
Shuttle: 4.71s
Bench: 24 reps

Wright is powerful, moves well laterally and plays with a low center of gravity, so he didn't give up ground in college. If that carries over to the NFL, he can make a team and contribute. And Wright is exactly the type of lineman that the Browns target and James Campen has had a lot of success in coaching.

The biggest challenge for Wright is the numbers game on the Browns roster, particularly at center. Wright, Tretter and Kyle Kalis are the only players labeled centers on the roster, but Eric Kush and Austin Corbett have taken reps there. So not only are there a lot of players, Kalis, Kush and Corbett have the ability to also play guard.

At least for the moment, Wright is a center only and that means he needs to be noticeably better than someone who can play multiple spots. Wright may have long odds to make the Browns final roster, but assuming another team doesn't jump on him in the event he hits waivers, he stands out as someone the Browns would love to get on their practice squad with the potential to contribute, perhaps start in a year or few.