Transcript: WR Demaryius Thomas

Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Training Camp Quotes: Friday, August 3, 2018

On helping out newly signed WR Bryce Bobo and younger players during practice

“I think it’s something you probably don’t get to see as much. It is a point of emphasis. You’ve got a lot of young talent that’s coming in and its smaller things that can help these guys’ game. I’m the guy that stands in the back of the line, tell them what they can do differently and the first day, of course you make a player comfortable if you come to them and try to help them out instead of just letting him do his own thing.”

On if wide receiver Courtland Sutton reminds him of a younger version of himself

“No, he is his own self. I can’t say that I wasn’t excited when I first found our he was coming. Big guy can run. But when I first saw him on the field, I had no idea he could run routes like he does. Big fella, he can run routes, he can catch the ball at the highest point. I think he does well staying loyal when he runs his routes, and that’s big. That’s big to be a big guy and can do the things he can do.”

On Sutton when he jumps for the ball

“It’s like he’s going up for a rebound. That’s big for us. He can do it instead of me (laughter).”

On if he is surprised at how many big plays Sutton’s made in camp

“No, not really. I don’t think it’s a lucky thing. Like I said, first day, just seeing him run around, he’s smooth, he’s explosive and he’s coachable. That’s one of the main things that he gets better and better every day with. That’s big for the team and that’s big for him.”

On the wide receiver depth

“It is one of the deepest wide receiver cores we’ve had since I’ve been here in my nine years. It’s going to be a tough decision for the coaches. Because guys can get open, every guy can get off the press, every guy has great routes—not many mental errors in the group. Coming out of training camp and being able to start on a new offense with 13 plus guys and we’re switching out here and there, there are not many mistakes, and that’s big for our team. When you can find guys that don’t make many mistakes and go out and make plays, that’s big.”

On if the offense is where he thought it would be through six days of camp

“We’re still building, we’ve got some good things and some bad things. Our man focus is to keep getting better and better every day. It’s not going to be easy. We’re going against a great defensive group of guys. We’re going to keep competing and continue to build off the past two years. Of course, we don’t want to talk about last year, but we’re just going to build off of it and get better. There’s no expectations, we’re just going to go out and put out our best ball.”

On how difficult it will be for teams to matchup against him with Sutton added to the mix

“It’s going to help a lot because you’ve got to pick. Do you want to put your best corner in the slot on [WR] E [Emmanuel Sanders]? Or do you want to leave him outside and let ‘E’ have field day. Or let Courtland make plays, and then you can’t forget about [WR] DaeSean [Hamilton]. He also makes plays as well. I think the main thing is, we’ve still got to build. On paper it looks good, but we’ve still got to get better and better every day because we’re going to be going up against some good defenses, some good defensive lines and some other good football teams. We’re just going to go out and continue to get better and better, and we’ll see what happens.”

On QB Case Keenum’s reaction to getting picked off by S Will Parks

“Like a normal quarterback I would say. Of course, I think it’s not one of his many picks in training camp. Maybe first one, second one. But no quarterbacks want to throw picks. It happens. I saw him drop his head at first but the next thing you know he was lifting up the offense, lifting up the guys around him. His energy is still positive and that’s big for our team to stay the same. Mistakes happen and that was one of, so we’re going to build off of it and keep going.”

On former QB Peyton Manning attending the Oakland Raiders’ training camp

“Hey, it’s ok. He’s just being a good guy. He’s being a good guy, it’s OK. We don’t have to worry about Peyton anymore (laughter). No hard feelings.”

On playing with Sanders for five consecutive seasons

“That’s big to say. A lot of people don’t pay attention to it, but it’s what we— we push each other. We stay on top of each other in the offseason, make sure we’re healthy for the season. [We] do the right thing. We’re trying to be one of the best duos that’s ever done it.”

On the rookie receivers putting pressure on himself and Sanders

“It does. A lot of guys would probably say that it doesn’t because their younger guys, but those two guys came in like pros. They’re taking care of their business, they’re on time to everything and they’re making plays. They’re pushing us, and that’s good for us. We need it. We want to push each other and make each other better.”