Transcript: OLB Shane Ray 8/3/18

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Training Camp Quotes: Friday, August 3, 2018

On how he has improved during camp

“I’ve gotten better every day. Putting it in there, using my grip, figuring out where to put my hands. Even in my pass-rush I’ve been figuring out ways to beat guys. I’m just betting on that every day.”

On whether he watched the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game and his thoughts on the new helmet tackling rule

“I caught a glimpse of it. My personal feelings on it are that this is football and you can’t make a perfect tackle every time. You can try your best. You can try and keep your head and shoulder in the right position, but a perfect tackle is not going to happen every time in football. Sometimes you come at those angles. Sometimes your head gets a little high, low, whatever. The ball carrier might drop his head. There are things that happen. I feel like because it’s preseason, the refs were out there trying to make sure they show guys, ‘Hey, we’re looking at this’. You know what refs are going to do, especially now that the put in the new rule. Thankfully we have great coaches that feel like we are probably going to get a thousand rep tackles out here in training camp. We work tackling every day, and it’s our job to try to keep out head out of there, put our shoulder on guys, fit up properly. That’s all you can do.”

On if he thinks it will be hard for him to adjust to the new rule

“Like I said, you can never get a perfect tackle. It’s not always perfect. You have to do your best. I’m going to try and do my best. If I get flagged, hey, it’s part of the game. Try to come back and make the proper tackle.”

On if he is changing how he plays the game

“I’m not changing my game. It’s just different. When you have you arm in a position to where you can’t completely put your hand back and grab guys, your arm kind of shoot out at this angle. And if you’re coming and that offensive line is trying to reach you, your hand might slide outside and he might get that inside hand. For me, it’s been really technical, making sure that when I do place my hand, however it has to come out, that it’s on the inside pass of the offensive linemen so I can get guys off of me. The thing I don’t want is an offensive lineman grabbing me, holding me and I can’t get off the ball and go make the play. That was something I have been working on the past couple of days especially when we put full pads on.”

On he feels with his splint and if he thinks it is helping him

“It’s just a splint honestly. It just stops my hand from going back like this (demonstrated to media). This is where I don’t want my hand to go because its too much pressure creating the pain. Because my hand is in this position, I’m not getting the pain that I was getting. I still have strength. I still have my grabbing. The only difference is trying to come at that angle. This is like my rough draft brace. It’s great that we have training camp and I can figure out the ways to use it. Then when I go get another one made, it’ll be a little bit more perfected to what I’m trying to do out here. It’s just work. I have to get better every day, and I’ve been doing that, working as hard as I can.”