Transcript: ILB Josey Jewell 8/3/18

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Training Camp Quotes: Friday, August 3, 2018

On his transition to the NFL

“It’s been good so far, just trying to get used to things, trying to get used to the way they play, the game speed. It’s a different kind of defense we have to put out there with a new team like this.”

On where he learned coverage skills

“I think that comes from high school all the way through college, just the small details the coaches instilled in us going through that. Maybe you’re not the fastest guy, but you need to be able to be really technique oriented, really detailed with that kind of stuff. I think I learned that through high school and college, and they’re still coaching me now, so you can never be perfect.”

On it felt to return to practice

“Felt pretty good. It’s good to be out there in pads and actually be with everybody, so it felt better.”

On what he was able to do today in practice

“I just did some individual stuff and some 7-on-7s. Just try to keep it limited so nothing happens there.”

On how frustrated he was watching the first five days on the sideline

“I was pretty mad, but you have to find a positive on any negative like that. I tried to learn a lot off the field, watching the older guys, watching other guys make mistakes and do it right. I was just really trying to really focus on that. You can learn a lot of different things on an off-the-field day.”

On if it is hard to be patient

“Yeah. You want to get out there. You want to show them what you got. You don’t want to wait for anything. You just want to get out there and play and do your best and give them your best self. It’s tough, but I have to try to find something positive.”

On playing alongside ILB Brandon Marshall

“It’s been great so far. He’s a great coach, a great leader and great linebacker at that. He does a lot of the small things right. He’s very talented, very athletic and just knows the defense in and out. He’s a great leader and he’s been helping us all, him and [ILB] Todd [Davis], and even ‘Z’ (ILB Zaire Anderson), he’s one of those guys up there that’s also a vet. They’ve been just really helping us younger guys and being able to coach us along.”

On whether he has had his “Welcome to the NFL” moment

“Since I haven’t been out there that much, there hasn’t been a moment yet. Just the game speed is a little bit different. Coverages are different from college, just technique-wise and the small details of how coverages are really explained and how you process them. There hasn’t been that moment yet, but I’m sure there will be that soon, though.”