QB Paxton Lynch focused on Thursday, not the future

QB Paxton Lynch says he hopes to stay in Denver, but he isn't stressing about the future as he prepares for Thursday.

On how he feels after last weeks game against Washington

I felt good. I only got one drive there at the end. We were backed up but I thought we did a good job getting the ball out of our own end zone and moving down the field and kicking the field goal.

On what he hopes to accomplish on Thursday

I just want to go out there and have fun and make plays. Move the ball up and down the field and get a win.

On thinking about the future

No, Im not worried about anything past the next day, which is tomorrow, and thats what Ive got to focus on. We come out and have our practice, travel to Arizona and then we have our meetings there and thats what Im focused on. Im focused on preparing myself to go out here and play well on Thursday.

On if he has any additional stress

I wouldnt say stress, no. But obviously you think about it when you get that situation put on you. Im not happy about it but Ive got to do what Ive got to do with the hand thats been dealt to me and thats what Im doing. Im working my tail off.

On his photo of a For Sale sign on a house posted on social media

Yeah, on my day off I was with my girlfriend, actually. We were down in the Cherry Creek area, and thats where she has some houses listed. I just took a picture of it. I was proud of her. I had never seen her name on a sign like that, so I just took a picture of it and it kind of got blown up a little bit. I dont regret it. I was proud of her, so I posted a picture of it. It is what it is.

On how many people asked if he was moving because of his social media post

I didnt know about it until my parents had called me and said something about it. They were like, Did you post a picture of a For Sale sign? and I was like, Yeah, I did. Then I see all of these articles start popping up (laughing). But I had no idea about it.

On if he wants to stay in Denver

Absolutely, I love it here. Ive said that since Day 1, Ive wanted to be the guy here. Ive gone through some things, Ive struggled, I havent played well at times and at times I have played well. Ive just got to find that consistency of constantly playing well. And I know that I can get there.

On if he can find consistency in practice even on the scout team

Definitely. If you get a chance to get reps out there then you can find a way to get better, especially against our defense. Those guys are going to challenge you every day. You can always work your craft.