QB Kevin Hogan practices for the first time with Broncos

Quarterback Kevin Hogan talks about signing with Denver and his shared history at Stanford with John Elway.

On joining the Broncos

Im just really happy to be here. I had a great first day today. I got to meet everyonethe players and the coaches. I have a great room in the QB room and a great locker room here, so Im just excited. I kind of got my feet under me at practice and walked through tempo stuff. Again, just really happy to be here.

On being a fit for the Broncos

I hope so. Im still learning the basics of the playbook and trying to get it under me and all. Watched a lot of film, I like what they do. Just watching [QB] Case [Keenum] and [QB] Chad [Kelly] in the locker room today, its a really cool system. I cant wait to go out there, try it and learn the basics first so that I can go out there and execute.

On President of Football Operations/GM John Elway being a fellow Stanford alumni

I know, its not bad. Anytime I get to learn from one of the games greats, its going to be extremely beneficial. I hope to use that as much as I can.

On if he met Elway while he was at Sandford

I got meet him a couple of times when hed come around to either a practice or a game. I got to say hello and spend some time. The Stanford network is special. Always look out for each other.

On how he will get up to speed with the playbook

Im going to listen to the coaches, see what they want me to learn first and how they want me to pick it up. For me, it was going through the run game today. Im going to go over pass protections this afternoon and try to get into the pass game a little bit. But first and foremost, youve got to be able to run the ball and get to the right plays. Thats what Im going to exercise first, and then protecting myself and getting into the pass game to get the ball down field to the playmakers. Little by little Im going to try and get this offense under control.