Domata Peko: Adam Jones is hungry to win

Domata Peko Sr. talks about being reunited with Adam Jones, who was one of Peko's teammates in Cincinnati.

On his relationship with CB Adam Jones

Adam Jones and I have played for several years together in Cincinnati and Im really excited about the signing. Were kind dinged up a little bit in the cornerback position. Then when you lose someone like [Rams CB Aqib] Talib, youve got to have some answers to that. Rob (CB Bradley Roby) and [CB] Chris Harris, and then adding a guy like Pacman is really good. He brings a lot of energy, he brings a lot of attitude and toughness, and thats what I really like about him. Hes someone that on Sunday you want him on your team. Hes definitely going to ride with the defense and bring a little attitude to that spot.

On how Jones will fit in the locker room

Good, hes a veteran. He knows what to do. Hes excited, he seems hungry and he seems lie he wants to win. I was just sharing with him a little while ago how nice it is in Denver. It was a little different situation in Cincinnati. I was just showing him the different facilities and stuff. Theyve got some good [facilities] over here, really good. Hes excited to be a part of the team, and Im excited to have him. His wife and kids have been friends with my family as well, so its really good to see them again.

On how having a guy with a tough attitude helps the team

Im talking about his attitude on Sunday. Hes going to ride with the team and whatever color uniform were wearing. When we were at Cincy, he was riding for Cincinnati. Just like he is here, hes a Bronco and hes going to ride with our defense. What that mean to me and what that means to us is that if were running the ball outside, hell stick his helmet in there and make a hit for us. Thats what I love about him. I love how he plays aggressive, and not only does he play defense, hes a hell of a returner as well. You can use him in that aspect as well. I really like the signing and I think itll be good for our defense. You can never have too many good cornerbacks because thats all that they do now-a-days is pass the ball around the league. Its good to have a lot of good corners.

On how he feels about the rush defense

I feel like weve been getting better every week. Playing against AP (Redskins RB Adrian Peterson) last week, hell be wearing a gold jacket. Hes one of those guys thats a future hall of famer. You could tell, it seems like he hasnt lost a step. He was making really good cuts and all of that. I really feel good about our rush defense. We take a lot of pride in it and there were just some plays that he sneaked through a couple of gaps. We have to clean some stuff up and thats something that we love to do. We love to make corrections and make adjustments on the fly. Im really excited about out front seven and our defense as a whole.

On using this week to prepare for the regular season

Im excited for this last preseason game. Weve got one more, then the real bullets are going to start flying. Thats what its all about. Thank God that everyone on our front seven here on our defense, for the most part, has been really healthy. Thank god for that and that is what we want to do. We want to keep on climbing and you want to be peaking when you get to the first game. Were still learning and still getting better, and thats what practice is about. Were really excited about our rush defense and our team as a whole. Its going to be a great year and Im excited for it.

On Jones previous off-the-field issues

I know he had some issues and stuff that the media kind of portrays in certain ways. In the building, in the locker room and at home, hes really a good guy. Really cool, like I said, his wife and kids have been over to the Peko house in Cincinnati. Hes really a good guy. Hes just got to learn to open up. Talk to him, meet him, dont be scared of him (laughter). Hes a really cool dude.

On the right mix of character and talent in the locker room being key to team success

Yeah, its a little mixture of both. At the end of the day, its a team sport. If everyone is going one direction and someone is going opposite, it doesnt really work. With our group of guys that weve got in here and our leadership group that weve got here, everyone is going to be headed in the right direction. Thats trying to win a Super Bowl, trying to win games and well be able to keep that on track. If everyone wants to win, were doing something right and everyones headed in the right direction. Youre correct though. Character is really huge as well. Were going to keep on leading by example and showing people the Bronco way and how we do things.