Coach Joseph on Adam Jones: 'He's here to help us win football games'

Head Coach Vance Joseph talks about what newly signed defensive back Adam Jones adds to the team.

On signing CB Adam Jones

He provides experience at corner and also as a punt returner. [President of Football Ops/GM] John [Elway] and I meet every day about, How can we get better as a football team? We thought having more experience at corner and having an experienced punt returner was a key factor for our football teamand it was one guy that fit the bill. He solves two issues as one body. So, we decided to sign Adam Jones.

On if the cornerback position was an issue

I dont think it was an issue, but you always want to have more experience. That was the key element around signing Adam. Its having one more experienced corner and also having one more experienced returner.

On his familiarity with Jones history

Its two parts: its football characterwhich Ive coached him for two seasons and his football character is A-plus. He was a team captain for us, he made a Pro Bowl for me, hes great in meetings, hes great in the locker room, hes a great leader. Hes played a long time in this league. Now, personal character, we all know the background. He would even acknowledge as a young guy he made some mistakes, but hes paid for every mistake hes made. This guy has been through a lot in his lifeand obviously it was his own doingsbut hes paid for those mistakes. Hes matured, hes a married man of three and he wants to win football games. Hes here to help us win football games.

On what Jones brings as a 34-year-old punt returner

As a punt returner, he brings proof. He brings experience. As a returner, he is a special returner. Hes got NFL history top-5, top-10 numbers as a returner. Thats an easy role for him to play.

On what clicked between the two when he coached Jones in Cincinnati

My first year coaching Adamobviously its always tough coaching veterans because theyve played one way for so longhe wouldnt change the way he played the first year. But, the second year, he really conformed and changed how he played, let me coach him and he made a Pro Bowl, and he received a long-term contract with Cincy. I enjoyed coaching him because he is competitive. Every game we played, he was ready to go. Every day for work, he was ready to go. Again, his football character is A-plus.

On if Jones and S Sua Cravens will play against Arizona on Thursday

Well see. [Jones] has been here for a day, Sua has only practiced one day. Well see how Sua reacts to practicing today, and well see about Adam on Wednesday. Well see.

On what signing Jones means for CB Brendan Langley and WR Isaiah McKenzie

It means competing. Its our job to bring in players that can make the Broncos better. I am not concerned about guys competing. Its the NFL, its professional sports. Thats Johns [Elway] role also. Its his job to bring in guys who can help us become a better football team, not to worry about the guys here who are competing for roles. Its about competition.

On Cravens recall of the scheme after missing training camp

His recall was fine. Hes been in meetings. He hasnt missed meetings. Hes a smart player, his recall was fine and he looked fine physically. Well see tomorrow how he reacts to practicing, on whether he would play on Thursday.

On Langleys response in practice to the Jones signing

I hope he hasnt had a response to it. I hope he would practice that way every day without Adam Jones here. Again, its professional football. We dont discuss guys coming in and what that means for you or me. It means nothing. Its your job to play as an NFL player every day. It means nothing to him, I hope.

On if Cravens could make the team without playing in the preseason

Well see. Again, hes practiced one day. Well see how he feels tomorrow.

On if S Dymonte Thomas took a step forward on Friday night

I tell you what, I wouldnt say its a step forward because hes played that way the entire training camp. He played that way in Week 15, 16 and 17 of last year. Im not surprised that hes playing well. He had an injury, he missed a couple days, but he came back and played well. He practiced the dime position for about two days and he wasnt very good at it on Wednesday. He fixed his problems and he played very well for us on Friday.

On if hes concerned about the run defense

Im not. As a whole, when our ones and twos were out thereas far as preseason, outside of, I think, Week 1[we] have given up two big runs that were concerning. I think against Chicago and Minnesota we had a couple issues there, but Im not concerned because the things that we did wrong we can fix. [There are] really easy fixes to it. In my opinion, stopping the run wont be one of our issues.

On playing time for QBs Chad Kelly and Paxon Lynch on Thursday

Chad will start the game on Thursday, and hopefully they can play half and half. Thats the game plan going into the game.

On what QB Case Keenum does this week

Its a different week for Case, obviously, because he wont play in the football game, but we play this team again in about Week 6 or 7, I think. For Case, this is a head start on an opponent that hell see in a month and a half. He is focused on Arizona and he is focused on helping Chad and Paxton put their best foot forward.

On teams playing their starters less in the preseason

I think the more teams have those [joint] practices, I think guys will play less. I think [Rams Head Coach] Sean [McVay] with his team in L.A., they went to Baltimore, practiced against Baltimore for a couple days and didnt play his guys much. I think thats becoming a trend, getting your reps versus a different opponent during the week and not playing your guys on gameday. Everyone is going to be different. My philosophy is that theyve got to play some live bullets to get ready for Week 1. I would be uncomfortable not playing our guys at all going into an NFL game. Everyones playing fast, its contact, its tackling. Football is a different sport. Its hard to scrimmage and practice without playing full speed. Everyones different, but I think obviously keeping your team healthy is a must. Its been a preseason of injury. It always is, so everyone is different.

On if RBs Devontae Booker and Royce Freeman will play Thursday

Right now, weve got Freeman scheduled to play. Hes had a good preseason. Hes run the ball tough, hes practiced well and hes run downhill. Well see if he plays and how much he plays.

On how many jobs are open on Thursday

Weve got 22 guys not playing. Outside of that, the rest of the jobs are up for grabs. Its a football game Thursday night, so things are going to happen. Everyone is still fighting for jobs. Weve got some important decisions to make out of that game on Thursday, and I love having the full roster intact. It makes it a better game, and you give young guys one more chance to prove they can play for us and play in this league. Those Week 4 games are now exciting because you have a full roster intact and guys are playing for their NFL careers. It should be fun Thursday night.