Adam Jones upfront about past, ready to help in Denver

Adam Jones talks about why Denver is the best fit for him and about his hopes to win a playoff game.

On arriving in Denver

Im alright. A little tired, hard to breathe around here (laughing). So, Im getting used to the altitude. All in all, I feel good. I love the locker roomI love the guys in the locker room. Im happy to be here.

On why he chose to sign with the Broncos

Why not Denver? If you want to win, this is the place to be. Great coaching staff, great owner, great locker room, good team. I dont see any reason why not.

On his relationship with Head Coach Vance Joseph

V.J. has been more of a big brother and a coach to me. Hes called and checked in on me over the years. Since he left, weve kept in touch. [I have] great respect for the guy. Hes almost like big brother, father figure to me. I have a lot of respect for V.J.

On if he was worried after his injury last season

No, I was never worried. Thats why I kept working out. As you see today, if youre going to be up in Mile High, you need to work out in Mile High (laughing). But no, I was never nervous.

On playing this late in his career

God has blessed me with so many opportunities. Im one of the ones who dont mind telling kids and people about my stories, the mistakes Ive made. I dont have a shield; my life is a glass life. Theres nothing that Im hiding from anybody, and I have three beautiful kids. Thats what life is about for me now. Im about to turn 35 and the best thing I can do right now is at least win a playoff game (laughing). I havent won a playoff game and Ive been in the league 12 years! Im just trying to win a playoff game and help these guys as much as I can. We have a talented group of guys here in the backfield and all around the team. Im not here to try to take any shine, I promise you guys that. Im here to help and lead in the best way I can.

On his previous off-the-field issues

I went through that story like a million times. The past is the past. My life is unbelievable, stress free. Its always good to go back and visit the past so it doesnt pop up on you. But you shouldnt keep beating it and beating it. You learn from your mistakes and you move on.

On how he has changed his game throughout his career

Im playing a lot smarter now. When I was young, I played with all athletic ability. Now, I pretty much know everything about the game. I can tell you from splits what routes were going to get. I can tell you if its I-formation or if its max protection. If you release outside, youre only going to get two routes: a comeback and a go. Those things come with time and learning the game. But I would say that my mental part of the game has improved, and thats whats keeping me playing right now.

On being comfortable with returning punts

Yes, Im very comfortable [with] it and I love itI have a knack for it. Im one of those guys that dont believe that the first guy can ever catch me. Well see when my number is called, and I promise you Ill lead by example.

On if he will play in Thursday nights game

I dont know. Whatever they want me to do. How many plays I can play, I dont know (laughing). But whatever they ask me to do, Im willing to do.

On speaking with the team about his role

Im the last man on the post. So, I have to work my way up. I have to learn all of the little details Its just the little terminology and stuff like that I have to learn. Im just waiting. We have a lot of talented guys here. But my number will get called, and when it gets called Ill be ready.

On how long it will take to get fully comfortable with the defense

I would say I need about seven or eight more days of practice where I can feel each other out and know where everything is going, where the pressure is coming from. Just the little details.

On his impression of the Broncos looking in from the outside

Ive always thought that this was one of the top NFL programs. My favorite teams were the Cowboys and the Broncos growing up. Every game Ive played against the Broncos, I would always go and chat with [President of Football Operations/ GM John Elway] and be like, Hey man, how are you doing today? Nice suit. Just cracking jokes with him. And God does everything for a reason. I probably never thought I would end up here, but Im happy and Im blessed to be here.