We have a bunch of Nancies around here wringing their hands and fretting about Bad Boy Kelly. He’s arrogant, they say, just like his uncle back in the day. I say, “You are absolutely correct, we should do so badly as to get the next great Kelly.”

When Belichik signs Randy Moss or Josh Gordon, very few of us cluck our tongues and scold Belichik for hiring bad boys. Lawrence Taylor was as bad as a boy could be, but nobody tisk tisked Bill Parcells for having one set of rules for the team and a softer and shorter list of rules for LT. Nor did they take Phil Simms and Harry Carson to task for keeping LT on a relatively straight, but wide path and ensuring that all of the Giants knew that the rules that applied to them may not apply to LT.

Jimmy Johnson has said that he never treated his players equally, but he always treated all of them fairly and that small nuance made a big difference. Not only did he give leeway to well-behaved superstars like Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman, he also was more tolerant of the transgressions by bad boys Michael Irvine and Charles Haley.

Sean McDermott prides himself for having a strong team ethic with a roster full of high character men. That is admirable and very smart, but a good coach cannot stop there. Instead, he must be able to take a bad boy, or two, and enable them to contribute to the team even though their toes may not quite touch the proverbial good soldier line.

There are two hard sets of reality here that must be acknowledged and accepted:

  1. We all like Josh Allen and hope and pray to the gods of football and fairness that he becomes our franchise QB. At times we are in awe of his wondrous athleticism for such a raw-boned giant. Then again, there are those traits that remind us so much of EJ that slaps us in the face and warns us that while the success rates of QBs drafted in the first round is higher than that of QBs drafted in later rounds, the simple fact is that even round one QBs have a low success rate.

  2. Chad Kelly is a flat-out stud QB. If he was a baseball player, he’d be a five tool prospect. He has the size, the strong and accurate arm, the mobility, the pocket presence and awareness, the ability to read defenses pre and post snap, and the legendary Kelly toughness.

Most importantly, his work ethic is off-the-charts and his locker room and on-the-field leadership skills are extraordinary. He is the only QB in Ole Miss history to march his team into Baton Rouge, Auburn and Tuscaloosa in the same season and come away with victories in all three viper pits. He is absolutely fearless. Google Chad and read how respected and loved he was by his Ole Miss teammates and coaches.

Signing Chad can accomplish so much that we have no choice but to grab him:

1, We add a blue chip QB to the ridiculously awful QB staff. Josh and Chad can compete for the starting job and make each other better.

  1. Bolster the spirits of a down-trodden team. The Bills players know that Chad is a true baller and an absolute warrior.

  2. Provide the opportunity for Sean and his strong veteran leaders to take the next important step in building a winner: help guide an immature teammate.

  3. Bolster the spirits of Bills Nation/Mafia. We have high hopes for Josh, but there is no denying that he’s a long term project. He probably won’t be ready until the 2020 season and in the last 20 years of roaming the football desert, we’ve only had one ladle of water. We aren’t camels, we need fresh water.

So, all you hand-wringing nancies out there, pull on your big boy britches and urge the Pegulas to grab this young man. There is no doubt that if Chad didn’t have football, he’d be a Marine and the troops in his command would take a bulletproof for him. Warriors are not necessarily well-mannered at all times, but ask yourself this: who would you rather have on your team, the polite Nathan Peterman or the uncouth Chad Kelly?

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Hanging Chad
Hanging Chad

I guess this software doesn’t like numbered lists. All my points are numbered “1”. That’s ok, because getting Chad should be McBeene’s number 1 priority!